Edie Eckman

Teacher | Creative | Freelancer

Years ago Edie Eckman co-owned a yarn shop. The work severely limited her time to knit and crochet, so she closed the shop after a while and turned to designing." Now I have my fingers in many aspects of the fiber arts," Edie says. She teaches her popular workshops at Stitches, the National Needlearts Association, Crochet Guild of America and The Knitting Guild of America conferences and other national venues, as well as at local shops and guilds. "I love the 'a-ha' moment when a student gains a new bit of understanding," she says. When Edie wants to unplug from her fast-paced work life, she heads for the woods. "We have a little cabin. There's no TV or Internet service. I love to go there for walks and to paddle around the lake. However, I've always got designs in my head, ready to be sold."