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Becky’s Making Valentine Banners Again!

If you’ve been following Everyday Life at Leisure for awhile, you might remember our designer friend Becky’s Valentine’s Rick Rack Banner from last Valentine’s Day. Well, The Banner Queen’s at it again!

Check out this year’s banner goodness! Pretty sweet, huh? (Notice how she’s added pennants to last year’s Valentine’s Rick Rack Banner?)

And she says it’s easy! She just cuts shapes out of cardstock (some of it Valentine-themed to make it easy), red and white felt, plus a few buttons, a little rick rack…

And heads for her sewing machine!

Look at how simple…She just sews her shapes (paper or felt) together! Then she tacks or glues the felt, buttons, and rick rack together to embellish her banners as she desires.

Finally, I just couldn’t resist showing you this great shadowy photo of Becky’s banners in her window! Too cool!

What kind of special or traditional Valentine’s decorating do you do?

2 thoughts on “Becky’s Making Valentine Banners Again!”

  • Maggi

    Very cute! We don't typically do much decorating for Valentine's but this year I got my three year old to color some wood hearts to make a banner. :)

  • Merrilee

    Hi Maggi! What a great idea! It's so important to get our kids started crafting early! Plus, years from now, you'll have a sweet keepsake made by your 3 year old.

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