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Designer Anne Decorates For Valentine’s Day!

{Designer friend Anne is our guest blogger today on Everyday Life at Leisure! She’s decorating for Valentine’s Day!}

Decorating For Valentine’s!
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it, a great opportunity to pull some things together to display on my kitchen counter. Something with cleaner lines, bright red, and a fresher look than the “wintery” one that replaced Christmas.

I didn’t really think I had very much in the way of Valentine décor, so I just started looking around and surprised myself by coming up with a fun collection of things from around my house that make me smile. I went to look in the linen closet for something to put down as the base of my display. I got a linen table runner and just left it folded in half to make it the right size. I saw some pillowcases that my grandmother had done chicken scratch handwork on and remembered a heart apron she had also made. Got the apron from the dresser in the dining room. Then, I simply grabbed red anything—a couple of odd plates, an empty candy box, candle tin, a bunch of tulips, and a skein of red yarn.

I decided to wind the yarn into a ball and thought it would be fun to fill the slots in the candy box. Into the box went the yarn, a couple of pictures of my kiddos and a needlepoint pincushion with a heart. I placed the runner center stage on my counter, laid the apron at one corner, and fluffed it until satisfied.

Then I gathered a few hearts from here and there that were mixed in with my regular décor. Together, they filled one of the plates nicely and softened the edge of the candy box in my display.

Filling a vase with shredded paper, I also added a bunch of red tulips. These gave the display the height that it needed. Took one last look…leaned a red plate against the vase and added a few scrapbook flower elements as the finishing touch. Smile.

The kitchen window needed a little splash, too. I took an old water bottle, filled it with red flowers (can’t remember what they are called right now), and stuck them up on the sill. From my workroom, I brought out two old chalk boards (remember the new trend with chalk boards) and wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Then I added a couple of red apples (real and glass) and a couple of red plates. The plates are so cool. They are square, a really great color for using throughout the year. They are from Pottery Barn (my favorite place) and were given to me by my Leisure Arts co-worker and friend—Becky. They make me happy. I guess you can’t see from my picture…but there is also a red bowl of chocolate candy just to the right of the apple. What would Valentine’s be with out chocolate candy?

I also did some tulip arrangements for the tables at a coffee hour for church which meant I had to watch my budget and still get a bang for my buck. With that in mind, I grabbed the three squared off vases that I already had—one for each table. Then, I bought vase crystals and one bunch of tulips.

The tulips I bought were silk, but you could use real. If you chose the silk, cut each stem off of the bunch so you have individual flowers. Shape them softly by pinching the stem as you run the stem down your hand. This gives the flower a more natural lean, instead of a straight erect look. Place the stems as you like in each vase.

The curled stem in a short vase is a popular “look” right now in floral, so I used that for the smallest vase. I kept it clean and simple only three flowers, a leaf on only one.

I decided to see what the taller vase was going to need to look full. The curled idea wasn’t going to work here—the vase was taller than the flowers. Okay, make that a part of the design…let the flowers stand tall. Well, they aren’t quite tall enough to clear the top of the comes the crystals.

Fill the bottom of the vase with the crystals, then add the tulips back. Again, clean, simple.

Okay that left me with more tulips to work with in the medium vase—it is fatter any way, so I needed more. I added the rest of the tulips from the bunch and shaped them with a slight curve. They filled the vase nicely.

Since I used the crystals in the tall vase I decided to add them to the other two vases for continuity. A quick and easy project, done.

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