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Duct Tape Craft Pattern: Creating Crazy Hats!

{Happy Thursday Everybody! Patti Wallenfang, Leisure Arts designer and creator of all the cool duct tape projects in our new craft pattern book—Go Crazy with Duct Tape, featuring Duck
brand duct tape, is back again today as a guest blogger here on Everyday Life at Leisure! Check out her fun tutorial for making crazy duct tape hats!}

Do you have a favorite hat? A hat that’s kinda like your signature “fashion statement”? One that gets you noticed everywhere you wear it? OR...Maybe you’re a person who likes to wear a “mood” hat. You know. Like when you plan to go to the lake with your buds (reaching for your beat up cowboy hat) or maybe when you are goin’ shopping at the mall (putting on your rock star newsboy hat!).

Anyway. I think you know what I’m talkin’ about here!

How about really stylin’ the duct tape way? Wanna try making an awesome hat out of Duck brand duct tape that is JUST LIKE YOUR FAVORITE HAT!?!?

{Warning! No favorite hats will be harmed during this activity! Ha!}

For my inspiration, the hat I’m going to use is my favorite fedora. (A fancy name for a cool kinda “grandpa hat” that looks good on guys and also makes girls look flirty.)


You gotta start somewhere. Plug into the design side of your brain and think of ideas for making your duct tape hat super cool and special with Duck brand duct tape. Then take inventory of your duct tape stash because the inside and outside takes about 5 yards of tape total.

Now, down to the design part. Here are some questions to help you get inspired:
1. Do I want to match my duct tape hat with a favorite outfit? Maybe that sassy and super-cute dress I just bought?!
2. Do I want my hat to have a theme or reflect my fave hobby? Choose a duct tape pattern that matches.  Example: guys, if you like NASCAR, use the flames pattern duct tape and the checkered flag duct tape. PERFECT! Idea for you girls = total diva glam. I luv, LUV how leopard print and hot pink duct tape rocks together to make a really fab duct tape hat with mega personality.
3. Will I make the hat inside the same color tape as the outside color? Boring...No way on that one for sure!
4. Do I want to add any extras to my finished hat, like duct tape flowers or a duct tape hat band or something else creative like crazy duct tape polka dots and stick-on jewels? Oh, yeah...uh huh! Some of that for sure.

Okay. Enough of that serious thinkin’ stuff. Got ur design plan on? Let’s get this duct tape crafting going!

WHAT YOU NEED—duct tape (of course, I’m using Duck brand duct tape), scissors, aluminum foil, and a hat.

START—Choose the duct tape colors and patterns you want to use.

NEXT—Cover the outside of your hat with aluminum foil. Then, just start sticking pieces of cut or torn tape all over the outside of the hat.

Press down, overlap and smooth as you go.

When you have your hat covered with tape (no foil showing ANYWHERE!), carefully pull your REAL hat out from under the foil. Treat the taped up foil hat gently so you don't smooooosh the duct tape shape!

NOW—Begin to cover the inside of your duct tape hat with more duct tape the same way you did the outside. This gets a little tricky, but you can do it. It is really important to put one hand on the outside of the hat to hold the shape while you stick a piece of duct tape on the inside. I find 4" to 6" pieces of duct tape work the best. This is so easy that you really can't mess it up. Just keep adding tape until the inside is completely covered. Really, the more duct tape you stick on, the stronger the hat becomes! Once you finish the inside, use your scissors to trim the hat brim to give it an even edge. If you want, add a skinny strip of duct tape around the cut edge of the brim like I did.

LAST—The fun part (really it has all been fun!). Adorn your beautiful Duck brand duct tape-embellished hat with the objects of your desire. Add a duct tape hat band with a matching bow like I did (rocks!), OR... add flowers (made of duct tape!), jewels (on top of duct tape!), feathers (kinda “tricky with the sticky” of duct tape!), or any other creative, crazy, fun thing you can think of to add.

DONE! Another fabulous duct tape project completed...way cool!

Hey! What are you waiting for?!

PUT IT ON AND GO SOMEWHERE TO SHOW OFF YOUR INCREDIBLE DUCT TAPE STYLE, YOU FASHIONISTA, YOU! (Sorry guys...started out with you in mind when I  used digi-camo duct tape, but it went girly on me!)

Peace, luv & tape on, my friends...{Discover more duct tape projects beginning with the 40+ craft pattern options in my new book—Go Crazy with Duct Tape featuring Duck brand duct tape!}

Meet The Designer!

Specializing in crafts that anyone can make, Leisure Arts duct tape guru, designer Patti Wallenfang loves creating with DUCK® Brand duct tape! “It inspires my creativity,” says Patti, “and you can do so much with it.” From early on, this native of Appleton, Wisconsin, has loved to make things with her hands. During her 20 years at Leisure Arts, she has designed craft projects for over 3,000 publications, including books and magazines. Residing in Little Rock, AR, Patti has two children and two grandchildren.

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