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Learn to Knook: Getting Started and Right-Handed Foundation Chain

First: thank you for your kind words on yesterday's post!  I was pretty happy with my first attempts at cables.

Second: my daughter unraveled a swatch and it is no more.  Actually, she just pulled out a needle that I didn't realize was still on the couch and that was that.  I'm learning more and more about test swatches every day.  Now I know you can leave them out to see if your projects are safe around kids or pets and spare yourself the anguish of losing a 'real' project.

I know that you and I both know that nothing yarn-related is ever safe around kids or pets, but I can dream.  I can also explain to my toddler that the shiny blue knitting needle is not a toy, and yarn is a ball we can't play with.  And then I can try Knooking.  (In addition to adding a lot of Knook-related words to Firefox's dictionary. Holy smokes.)

If you've spent any amount of time on this blog, you're probably already familiar with what a Knook is and what it does.  But I like for things to be organized, and so I'm going to run you through the rigamarole all over again like I did with the Learn to Crochet series.

Plus, I'm going to learn to Knook and I'm going to need a place to talk about it.  I've worked on it a few times, but had trouble with turning my work.  I've re-watched the video on that to find out what I did wrong, and I'm ready to try again.

I was a little ambivalent about the Knook when I first saw it, but I can't deny the appeal of learning to knit with a crochet hook that's not quite a crochet hook.  It's a nice introduction to knitting for people who might be scared of two pointy sticks, and it has all the car-trip appeal of crocheting for people who have seen their share of knitting mishaps.  And the more I read through Knook pattern books and watch the instructional videos, the more excited I get about its crafting possibilities.  I even made a friend of mine take one home and try it because I think it might be something a loom knitter would want to explore.

Plus, yesterday's little debacle really clinched the deal for me.  I need projects that aren't quite so fragile.

So.  I'm pretty pumped about trying this and can't wait to start!

First step: Learning to thread your Knook and make a foundation chain.  Click here!

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