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Learn to Knook: Right-Handed Knit Stitch

Hey there!  I tried to think of a craft-related pun greeting, but came up with nothing.  Maybe next time.  Regardless, here's the video for Knooking the knit stitch for right-handed crafters:

I watched the video through a couple of times and this is what I have:

For some reason, I feel obligated to offer up proof that I'm working along with the tutorials.

 I'm using some Vanna's Choice with the H hook/Size 8 needle from the Beginner Set.  Things are going much better this time around, and I really like this.  It's weird and fun, and when I accidentally knocked the whole thing off the windowsill, everything stayed the string and my day wasn't ruined!

Here a few tips I thought of while I was working with it this morning, and thought might be useful:

-Remember to turn your work, pull your excess thread through, and THEN pull the work off the needle.  I don't know why, but following that order exactly kept me from getting mixed up on my steps.
-The loops really aren't getting that tight on the thread.  They may look that way, just as they can with a circular knitting needle.  But it's just the weight of the knitted fabric pulling them down.  You should still be able to wiggle your Knook in there to bring the loop to its rightful size.
-Don't hold the Knook like you're crocheting!  It's pretty instinctive to do so if you're already a crocheter, but remember to hold it with the hook side facing downward.  It really made a difference for me, and also made it a little easier to remember to pull the yarn through the loop over the Knook tail.

If you're already a more seasoned Knook user, please feel free to throw out some suggestions in the comments!  I'd love to hear from you, and I'm sure other people would too.

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