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Learn to Knook: Right-Handed Purl Stitch

Some people don't like the purl stitch, maybe because there's a little bit more movement in pulling the yarn through each stitch.  But I like it.  Once you know the knit and purl stitches, you can do a lot.  If you knit one side of your work and purl the other side, you're knitting the stockinette stitch.  This may seem like an obvious point but I thought I'd let any newer knitters know.  I went way too long thinking stockinette was some weird and mysterious thing that I was going to have to learn new stitches for when most techniques really just involve variations on the plain ol' knit and purl.  You could make almost anything!

Or just this dishcloth:

Size H/8 Knook and Lily Sugar'n Cream Stripes in the Violet Stripes colorway.

My first Knooked project went fairly well.  I think I finally got the hang of things around halfway through, and then everything went immensely better.  I also realized a lot of the problem was that I don't like working with cotton yarn.  But it's kind of gross to make a washrag out of a wool/acrylic blend and I have a few more skeins of the cotton.  I've decided now that I'm going to make every dishcloth pattern in the book Dishcloths Made with the Knook.  That's ten different ways to try out my Knooking skills, and a great way to build up a little gift stash. 

Even if you already know how to knit, using the Knook to learn new stitch techniques might take some of the pressure off of the process when you have what I've started thinking of as the Cord of Security and Happiness.  Having all my stitches safely on that little cord makes me feel a bit more steady about techniques that are still tricky for me, like knitting two stitches together or purling into the back of a yarnover (I'll tell you all about it later.  Promise).

Or maybe just having a hook on the end of your needle will help you out with any purling problems you may have.  Here's the video to show you how:

Learn this stitch!  It's so much easier than getting ready for Thanksgiving!*    Do it!

*But what isn't?

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