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Surprise Crochet Sweater for Baby: Let's See What You Can Do

Hey, remember that time I wrote a post about the Rainbow Crochet Pattern Afghan and I got to talk to some really nice Ravelry users about their afghans and then I showed you their cool pictures?

That was a lot of fun for me, so I decided to write another post like that.  This time I picked the Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby projects.  These are crocheted sweater modeled on the knitted Baby Surprise Jacket.  As someone who's tried (and failed.....twice) to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket, I was really interested in the idea of a crocheted version and I really liked the look of crochet stitches for the project rather than the garter stitches of the knitted original.

So once again, I looked through people's project pages and sent messages to some talented crocheters who got really creative with their use of color.  Everybody I talked to was very nice, and now I get to show you their handiwork! 

HelenJHarris named her project the "Joyful Baby Surprise" which seems beautifully appropriate to me.  All of the pinks and purples remind me of Care Bears, and this seems like a socially acceptable option for when you feel like dressing your little girl up like a Care Bear.  (I know I'm not the only mom who has those days.)

This is brooklyncowgirl's version of the jacket.  She wrote in her project notes that she wanted to taper the sleeves and waist a little so if you're not a big fan of the boxy frame, rest assured that it's simple enough to do if you want to try it.

 Here is GrannyMax's Ruffled Sweater.  I'm usually not a fan of super-bright pinks for babies, but something about the yellow ruffles evens it out to be cute and vibrant.


 I also love the blues and yellows in the yarn.  So beautiful.

 HoosierLady's jacket really reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine.  I'm not sure if I'm conveying this very well, but I mean that in a complimentary way.

I love all the red stripes!

She also stuck with the basic sweater pattern for this Girly Girl version, and just added ruffles after the fact.  And now I'm thinking about Cabbage Patch dolls.  Maybe it's something about the pastels. Whatever it is, I love the little touches of pink here and there.  It's so precious!

This is Mariposalila's Little Owl Sweater, and it kills me every time I look at it.  And I don't mind telling you I've looked at a lot lately.  This is just too ridiculously cute.  I'm having a hard time handling it.

I mean, there's an owl applique to go with the tiny baby owl buttons!


 Maybe I'm starting to get Christmas on the brain, but meripurdy's collared version looks incredibly festive to me without being over-the-top about it.  The browns and reds make it look so warm!

 I love merryknitter's use of primary colors.  So cheerful!

 I was really excited to see how many of these sweaters could be for a little boy or a little girl (I think handmade baby gifts should be passed around to everyone), and I think this is a perfect example.

I do love the soft blue of Nobe's little jacket, though.  The light blue is just so classic (and would look precious on a boy or a girl), and the model is gorgeous!

 This is RockportMo's ruffled version of the pattern.  The book offers some different stylings of the jacket, and I really, really love this one.  Little baby girls covered in little frilly ruffles are just adorable!

This is vibeskat's take on the pattern.  I really love all these warm colors, because this looks like the perfect fall sweater for some little person.

One of the things I really liked about this version's stripes is how well they help you see the jacket's construction.  Just lovely.


If you have a Ravelry account, click here to view all of the projects for the Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby book.  I really love this adorable pattern and I had a blast seeing what other people did with it--it's #3 in my queue now!  After seeing so many interpretations that made me think of beloved childhood toys and characters, I'm strongly tempted to make something in Bert or Ernie colors. Also, if you want to be friends, I'm jenandstuff on Ravelry.

And if you want to buy the book, click here to buy the epattern.  Several people mentioned finishing this little sweater over a weekend, and it could make a sweet little gift for a sweet little person this Christmas--while taking care of some leftover yarn.  Everyone's happy!

*A very big thanks to all the lovely crocheters who talked to me about their projects and let me use their pictures.  You're super creative and super sweet to let me show off your work.  I loved talking to each of you and looking through your pictures.

3 thoughts on “Surprise Crochet Sweater for Baby: Let's See What You Can Do”

  • Mom2Four

    WOW!! You have some amazing "yarn-friends". So talented and creative. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Angel Loft

    These sweaters are just AWESOME! I have the book and I can't wait to hook up one of 'em myself. Beautiful work here. :) P.S. I'm in love with the owl sweater, too. It is just beyond adorable.

    • Jen

      Aren't they amazing?! I've made one (a very simple one) since this post, and it was a lot of fun. The owl one killed me dead. I loved looking through all of these projects on Ravelry.

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