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A Few of My Favorite Things: Knitting Blogs!

I love knitting blogs.  Love.  When I decided to branch out my knitting, reading about--and seeing the amazing pictures of--what other people were making were a big part of my inspiration to try new thigns.  I love seeing what different people are working on, and the yarns they choose for projects.  I'm a huge snoop, and before I joined a knitting group, this was a great way for me to feel like I knew what was going on in other people's project bags.

So I made a list of my favorite knitting blogs.  Some of them aren't strictly knitting blogs, but I've included them because I enjoy the knitting they do feature. 

 Purl Bee is the blog of the store Purl Soho.  Which means it's full of free patterns designed to entice people into lusting after their amazing yarns and fabrics.  It works.  I like the clean-looking design of the site, and the simple step-by-step instructions.  And I love the pictures.  They have some pretty, pretty yarns.  A friend of mine went there once and he said it was incredibly beautiful.  When I pressed him and asked if it was like a fantastic dream come true, he got uncomfortable but said it did just to get away from me.  Lots of knitters go way out of their ways to make it to Purl Soho if they're in New York, and I'd love to make the pilgrimage.  For now, though, Purl Bee is close enough for me.

Lion Brand Notebook is the blog of Lion Brand.  It's another blog run by a yarn company, so there's plenty of free patterns, practical tutorials, and updates about new yarns.  Like most people (or so I assume), I'm a tremendous fan of Lion Brand and I really get a lot out of their posts.  It really is kind of like checking out someone's project notebook.  A really smart someone who has links and videos and tutorials.

Yarnstorm is more of a pretty thing that I look at and appreciate.  I learned about the blog after a friend gave me The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket as a birthday present.  I enjoyed the pictures and insights in this book about the everyday pleasures of gardening, quilting, baking, knitting, movie-watching, art, books, and embroidery.  I'm sure I left something out there.  But the blog is like an ongoing celebration of these things and I love it.  Brocket's focus is less on knitting these days, but I like the knitting projects she features.  Her nonknitting posts are just as inspirational and I always feel a bit happier and a bit more cultured after reading it.  It's a rare treat.

Yarn Harlot is the blog of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot, a.k.a. a Very Big Deal Knitter/Designer/Human.  All she's doing is talking about is the things she's spinning, dyeing, or knitting (oh, is that it?), but what she's doing is just freaking gorgeous.  She's also funny, and I find myself getting really invested.  Will she finish that little sweater before her friend's baby is born?  Will she have enough yarn for that project?  I'm riveted.  Why do I not own any of her books?  She could write about her laundry process and I'd probably just chuckle "oh you."  Actually, I think she did blog that one time and I did do that.  Well.

Getting Stitched on the Farm is the blog of Kristin Nicholas. She's a knitting designer who also has a yarn line with Classic Elite Yarns.  I have to be really honest, though.  I'm just here for the sheep.  It's kind of a rare thing to find a knitter who personally knows about all of the work and trouble of raising and caring for the animals that give us wool.  She provides a lot of insight about the grittier aspects of farming, and I've been getting really excited when I see a new post from her in my reader right now because it's lambing season!  Have you seen baby lambs?  Oh my heart.

Ysolda is the blog of Ysolda Teague, designer extraordinaire.  I'll probably never knit anything she designs and that's okay.  I'm pretty much just reading so I can see the pretty pictures of amazing knitted things and her studio.

Mason Dixon is probably my new favorite blog.  It's just a blog where two friends who just so happen to have a book together and who live far apart write blog posts like they're writing letters to each other.  Like I said, I'm a snoop.  I really enjoy knowing what these women are watching, reading, and (duh) knitting.  There are pictures and jokes and the stray political rant.  It feels real and warm and I always look forward to new post.

Okay!  That's hardly an exhaustive list, but I tried to keep it limited to the writers who post with some regularity and pretty pictures don't hurt either.  These are the ones I really enjoy, and I hope you do too.  I'd love to hear what blogs you enjoy, especially if you follow any crochet blogs because I only read a couple.  I'm sure you've already seen some of these links, but I hope I introduced you to a few new blogs and killed any productivity you might have had this weekend.  It's the least I can do.

Happy reading!

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