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My First Cabled Hat

I finished my first cabled hat this weekend!

This is the smug face of someone who has made a beautiful toboggan and is now very, very warm:

As I wrote last week, I had some troubles. Or, more accurately, my head did.  I liked the pattern, but didn't think my mods all the way through, and things just got awkward.

[No pictures of that because it was embarrassing and gross.]

But this time was different!  This time I had a plan!  I was going to be patient and focused and make my modifications without doing something dumb like accidentally deviating from the number of stitches called for.  I might have accidentally made that mistake on patterns in the past.

[Definitely no pictures of that.]

 First, I knitted a brim nearly three times as long as the pattern called for.

And then I repeated the crown rows before moving on the shaping.


The result?  Warm ears!  My eyebrows are not showing!

Um, I'm sorry about my face.

It doesn't quite look like the pattern in the book, but I still got my cables.

That hat model seems to doubt the greatness of my hat, but whatever Hat Model Lady. Whatever.

The hat fits well, I used up some stash yarn I've been wanting to use on myself for two years, and I feel really awesome about having worked cables in the round.  (There's no reason why cables knitted in the round should be any different than cables knitted flat, but I was a little worried.)

I'm not sure if you're tired of hearing me talk about the book Expand Your Knitting Skills, but I hope you aren't.  And I hope you're not tired of hearing me talk about cables, because I want to talk some more about them as well.  Because there's a pattern in there for some cabled handwarmers and I have a friend with a birthday coming up soon and since she doesn't read this, I'm probably going to want to tell you all about it.

I can promise there will be fewer pictures of my face in that post. 

But you will be seeing my hands.

I'm very sorry.

But I do like talking about the patterns in Expand Your Knitting Skills!  Even if you consider yourself an expert knitter, you'll still enjoy the designs.  And if you don't consider yourself an expert knitter, then maybe you'll feel like it after trying a few patterns.

In closing, I apologize in advance for showing you my hands.  Winter is pretty rough on me.


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