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A Trio of Textured Dishcloths

I'm going to a wedding shower this weekend and I wanted to give a handmade gift for the happy couple.  Due to time constraints and skill limitations, matching his and hers sweaters were out. 

Ditto for an afghan.

But kitchen gifts are always my husband's favorite kind of gift to buy, and kitchen gifts are becoming my favorite thing to make.  I've Knooked dishcloths before, and this time I wanted to knit some.

So I did!

This time I went to the book Easy Textured Knits for some cute dishcloth patterns.  I was not disappointed.

How could you not want to make these?!  I would love to have some of these in my kitchen.  I have a stack of 8 or so off-white garter stitch dishcloths that my grandmother made me as a wedding present and I use them all the time.  I did want something with a little more design and color for my friend, though.

Until I started making dishcloths with a Knook, I never spent much time in the cotton yarn section of craft stores.  Now I feel pretty familiar there.  I've discovered that there are a lot more colors of cotton yarn than I expected, and that I prefer solid colors.  You really do learn something new every day.

Okay, here are the dishcloths!

The first one I made was the Small Checks pattern.  I used Sugarn' Cream Denim yarn and Size 5 needles (I think the pattern called for a Size 6 or 7).


This little dishcloth knit up incredibly quickly, and I thought it was great.

So then I tried the Rib and Welt pattern.  The pattern repeat took me a little while to get the hang of, and so I let the project stall for a while.  But when I picked it up again, it turned out to be just fine.  I really love this, um, texture.

This is Sugarn' Cream Sage Green.

 Given the book's title, I feel a little silly talking about how the dishcloth has great texture.  Of course it has great texture!  Did I really think a book full of textured patterns would be lacking in the Great Texture Department?

But really, look at the great texture on this dishcloth.

This is a really pretty dishcloth, and I don't even feel silly saying it.

I felt like a bundle of 3 or 4 dishcloths would be nice, so I wanted to do more than just these two.

So I made the Small Checks pattern again, this time with Sugarn' Cream in the Hot Purple colorway.  I love checked patterns, and I just kind of wanted to make the pattern again.

I'm not sure why I enjoy photographing dishcloths from angles that make them look menacing, but I do.

It turned out slightly larger than the blue version, and I can't figure out why.

But I guess the different sizes add variety?  Or something?  It's one of the hazards of making things by hand.  Knitting seems to do what it wants sometimes, and I think I'm just going to let it this time.  There's no wrong size for a dishcloth, and I think these will be well-received.

I plan on tying these dishcloths up with a ribbon and attaching them to the top of my friend's wrapped present.  It's a nice handmade touch to add to her gift we bought off the registry.

I really like Easy Textured Knits.  All of the pattern repeats are made up of knit and purl stitches, but the designs don't feel simplistic.  They're not fussy, but they don't seem too bare, either.  They're really attractive designs that are just-the-right-amount of challenging.  I briefly considered trying to make some of the throw pillows in the book, but wasn't sure if they'd match my friend's decorating style.

I do know they match mine, though!

I may be making some more textured knits in the very near future.

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