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It's National Craft Month!

I love March.  It has a lot of birthdays of people I love, the temperatures get a little more bearable, and flowers start showing up where there used to be dead branches and mud.

And!  March is National Craft Month.

You guys.  A whole month.

I love crafts!

That's a pretty obvious thing to say on a craft blog, but hey.  I love crafts.  I love to create things.  I think it's a really rewarding and productive way to spend my time--even when there are mistakes, or projects have to be scrapped.  Crafting keeps me happy and sane.  Even when I get frustrated with a pattern, or have to stop working with a certain yarn, I'm still glad I'm a crafter.  If I didn't have this, I'd probably troll the comments section of online news stories, or start political fights on Facebook with family members.  Obviously, crafting keeps me from going down a bad road and falling in with the wrong kind of people. 

And yes, the whole "Oh, I bet I could do that," attitude can get a little silly at times.  You're looking at a picture of some leaf-shaped felt that I sewed together in a staggered sort of stack so that it would look like leaf garland.

But I've been using it for the past 3 Christmases, and a friend asked if she could borrow it for a baby shower.  I don't know where I would be able to find something like that in stores, and I really liked making it. 

Also, because I'm a vain person, I enjoy when people say they can't believe I made something and/or that something I made is so amazing. 

Admit it, crafty person, you do too.

It means a lot to me to be able to make things for people I love.  Or to make things for myself that I can't find elsewhere.  Or to just be able to pick up that yarn/paper/fabric/glue gun/(anything that can be used for crafts and just about anything can be used for crafts!) and make something!  I'm not a cook, so this is usually the only way I can take separate things and turn them into something new and great.  And I love it.

I plan to take this month to be crafty in ways that I'm normally not.  One reason for this is that I just need a change.  I'm probably going to make 4 baby sweaters in the next month, and it's getting to a point where my hand hurts if I look at knitting needles.  Another reason is that it's springtime and it's National Craft Month, so I'd probably want to do some crafting outside my comfort zone even if I wasn't freaking out and saying terrible things I don't mean about hating knitting and infants.  I want to do some different stuff!

Maybe I'll do more sewing.  I pulled my husband's grandmother's sewing machine out of the table it lives in (I was just using the table) last week, and discovered this beltless wonder runs really well!  We might become really good friends.  I almost want to name her.  (She's a her--I'm pretty sure of it.)

Maybe I'll take up Tunisian crochet.  The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Tunisian Crochet has been sitting in a corner, mocking my fear, for far too long now.

It's much more confrontational in real life.  Promise.

Maybe I'll put some cute pictures in my nearly-two-year-old's baby book!  Maybe I'll find the baby book!

Maybe I'll make some nice birthday cards.

Maybe I'll find some great ways to decorate my home for spring.

Maybe I'll do some embroidery and have that nice wallhanging with Pearl Jam lyrics that I've been wanting to make.

Maybe I'll finally finish the last part of organizing my crafting corner!

Whatever I do, I'll post about here.  I hope to talk about a lot of different kinds of crafts this month, and I definitely plan to be checking out ideas over at FaveCrafts because that's how I learned it was National Crafting Month in the first place. 

What, don't you believe everything the blogs tell you? 

FaveCrafts has a ton of ideas, patterns, and giveaways for this month.  And Leisure Arts is getting in on the fun as well!  They're offering a discount on an ebook every day!  Don't like today's book?  Come back tomorrow! Sorry about the excessive use of exclamation points, but I think I love a good sale almost as much as I love crafts.  And that's a lot of love.

I'm pretty excited about all the possibilities March holds.  It's got a lot of good things going for it, and the goal of trying out new ways to be creative is making me love it even more.

Happy crafting!   I hope you try out tons of new things this month!  Do you have any big plans or changes for the month?  Let me know in the comments!

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