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Learn to Crochet: Front Post Half Double Crochet

This is my first dishcloth to crochet using both the front post crochet and back post crochet stitches.  And since the whole thing is mostly front post crochet stitches and back post crochet stitches, I'm getting plenty of practice!

Like I mentioned before, I wanted to try the Basket Weave dishcloth pattern from the book Dishcloths (#5951).

"I will bring an exciting bit of flair to any kitchen!" declared the most colorful dishcloth in the Dramatic Trio.  And then I felt weird because I not only thought this was something a dishcloth would say, but because I also believed it would bring some flair to a kitchen.

The yarns I'm using are a bit less dark and dramatic, but only because I'm in a spring-timey mood.

So I watched the video on how to crochet back post crochet stitches and front post crochet stitches, and when I can find my hook, it's going pretty well!  I'm only 3 rows in, but I'd like to think I'm getting good at this!  Or something.  I like it, at least.

Two thoughts: 1. That is one textured dishcloth. 2. I need to work on the light settings on my camera.

Now, a front post half double crochet is very similar to a front post double crochet, but it's still different.  Because, you know, they're different stitches.  And because of that, the front post double crochet stitch gets its very own video post.  Here you go!

I enjoy these videos.  There's something about watching a pair of hands slowly and deliberately crocheting that is just so soothing to me.  It's also educational and informative.  I hope you watch it and enjoy it, learn from it, and feel inspired to try it out for yourself.

Someone else in my household must be pretty inspired by these videos as well, because I know where to look every time a crochet hook goes missing.

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