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Military Wives Create an Online Community with Their Facebook Crochetalong

One of my very favorite parts of the week is when I meet up with knitters in my area for a few hours to eat and talk and knit.  I love to see what people are working on, what they think of a yarn, whether their kids are teething more than mine, and just generally knowing what people have going on.  I don't see a lot of crafters in my day-to-day life, so the chance to connect with other knitters has given me a lot of encouragement and inspiration in my knitting.  Likewise, I love being in Ravelry groups where people talk about their favorite TV shows, how we're all making the same cowl, or what kind of modifications look good on a pattern. 

Making things is a great activity.  Having friends is great.  Making things with your friends?  Probably one of the best things ever.

That's why I was happy to hear about Ashlee and Leann, who have started a Facebook group called Military Wives Crochet-A-Long.  Ashlee and Leann met when their husbands were stationed at a military base and became friends.  When Ashlee learned to crochet from her grandmother, she passed on the favor to Leann.  Crocheting together became their craft of choice, and they missed their time together when they moved to separate states.  And then, Military Wives Crochet-A-Long was born!  The Facebook group is for military spouses and children of service members who crochet, or who are interested in learning.  Ashlee kindly sent me some pictures of one of their meetups, and I must say that this looks like a fun group.

 And look at that adorable hat on that adorable baby!

 And there's a crocheted owl hat!  And I spy an afghan in the left corner!  These folks seem fun and productive.

If you're a military spouse who loves crochet and is interested in joining the group, let me introduce you to Leann. 

Leann and her husband at the Marine Corps Ball.

 She writes, "[Military Wives Crochet A-long] is a closed group for spouses to come and meet up and work on crochet projects together. Ashlee and I are co-admins of the page and work very hard to make it a fun environment and encourage those who are new to crochet and to answer any crochet questions the girls may have! Our goal is to have one pattern donated a week for the year so we can have new projects to work on. It also benefits the person who donated the pattern to the group because we promote their page throughout the whole week to our group."

If you're a designer who wants to share a pattern with these nice crafters, you're going to email Ashlee.

Ashlee with her husband at the Marine Corps Ball.
Email Ashlee here.  I had the chance to 'talk' back and forth with her a few times, and she said that interested military spouses can contact either her or Leann to join the Facebook group, and that she handles the pattern part of things. 

If you're a military spouse interested in crochet, I would definitely encourage you to get to know these nice women in this group.  In light of how often many military families have to move and adapt to new people and surroundings, this seems like such a great way to join a crafting community.  

Crafting is great.  Friends are great.  Crafting with new friends?  Like I said, probably one of the best things ever.  You won't know unless you join.  So if you're a military spouse or child, find out for yourself!

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