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Crocheting the Split Headwrap

I was recently flipping through the book Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps (crochet) because I want to make a hat with lots of holes in it.  Summer is coming, and I want my head to be able to breathe when I'm looking cute and covering up messy hair. 

The Shells Beanie really caught my eye, as did the V-Stitch Beanie.  Here's a picture of the Shells Beanie.

Wouldn't that look nice with some cotton yarn?  It seems like a good weekend slouchy beanie, and I'm going to try it as soon as I figure out the yarn part.

Another design that grabbed my attention was the Split Headwrap.

I have a sister who not only likes wearing earwarmers in the winter, but actually looks cute in them, so I thought I'd mark it for future gift ideas.  At first I did have to check myself and see if I didn't just like the pattern because the version in this picture uses Lion Brand Amazing (love that yarn), but it really is an interesting construction. 

Also, the Internet keeps telling me that turban-style hats and twisty-looking headgear is A Thing now, so there's a chance that I could make something stylish!  Whoa!

(I firmly believe that everything I make and give to people is attractive and well-constructed.  But I can't kid myself that it's always stylish.  You can get away with a lot when something is handmade.)

Anyway, back to the Split Headwrap's interesting construction.  It's mostly double crochet stitches with some front post double crochet stitches thrown in for texture.  But the joining together is weird to me.  Fortunately, there's a video.

Videos always make things seem a little more normal and achievable.  I think I could do that.  Which means you are more than capable of doing that.  I'll be filing this information away for future reference.  My gifts could be stylish this Christmas! 

Or at least some of them. 

Or at least this one.

I'll take it.

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