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Learn to Crochet: Joining with a Half Double Crochet

Oh hey, y'all.  Whatcha doing?  I'm just over here making fancy dishcloths.  This is the Blossom dishcloth from the Granny Square dishcloths portion of Dishcloths.  Even though I've had to stop and re-start this at least 3 times, everything's just a bit too big because I'm using the wrong hook, and I'm currently stuck because counting is too difficult for me, I still feel really good about this!  No really!

Not only did I manage my first ever crochet blossom, but I even joined a new color of yarn without it looking painfully obvious. 

It's clearly the little things in life with me.

Self-mockery aside, it's always a good thing when you can learn to make your handiwork look even a little bit better.  This particular pattern calls for joining the new color with a single crochet, but we're actually going to talk about joining with a half double crochet today.  I don't have any projects that utilize joining with an hdc, and maybe a part of me wanted to show you a bit of the dishcloth up there because I thought it was pretty.

Forget Valentine's Day, I want to mix pink and read every day of the year!  It's cheerful and pretty!  Flowers do it so why can't we?!

Ahem.  Moving on.....

Half double crochets can seem odd all by themselves.  Maybe it's just me, but something about getting ready to crochet a double crochet stitch and then pulling your yarn through all three of your loops at once makes me feel like I'm doing something incorrectly.  But when you're starting off with your yarn in your hand, things get especially tricky.  So there's a video for it!

And when the nice hands lady stresses keeping a firm hold on your yarn to keep it from twisting around, she really means it.  Keeping your yarnover loop in place is probably the most difficult part of the whole process.  But then you're done!  It's just one stitch and then you're back to crochet business as usual!  You can add extra yarn to a monochrome project without knotting your old yarn if you're at the beginning of a row, or you can add a new color to a project. 


Just like pink and red.


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