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Crafting Owl Finger Puppets with Felt

Sometimes I like to try crafts that don't involve yarn.  They're not always my most successful attempts at crafting, and knitting and crocheting are my absolute favorite activities in the world. But I had so much fun making a tutu for my daughter last weekend that I thought I would make her some finger puppets this past weekend.  Sometimes it feels a little silly to work so hard to craft something for a person with pretty fickle tastes, but the little creature is my very favorite person to craft for.  So craft for her I did, with a little help from Crafting with Felt

I loved the Owl Headband, but figured finger puppets would be a better bet.  My little girl is two, and I've noticed her putting lots of things on her fingers lately.  All I had to do was cut out an extra body template for each owl when I was cutting out the felt pieces.

I don't quite have the dexterity to cut big ol' owl eyes out of felt, and so I decided to embroider some eyes on the 4 little owls I made.  Since there were 4 faces to play with, I gave them different expressions just for fun.

After embroidering on the eyes, I stitched the two pieces of felt together around the edging and just left the bottom part of the owl open for a finger.  I made sure it would fit my fingers in case I ever had to play along, but forgot about my husband (he is not a small man).  I'm sure he'll be fine.

There are no pictures of the parts where I used a glue gun to attach the beak and wings because using a glue gun gets me pretty tense and I was mostly focused on not smearing hot glue on the owl faces or my fingers.  I was pretty lucky on both counts.

I think there are plenty of great crafts in Crafting with Felt, and I really enjoyed making these owl puppets from the Owl Headband template.  I would absolutely recommend the Owl Headband if you were crafting for a head that belonged to a much less headstrong person.  My person has a pretty intense dislike for headbands. 

But when she saw the owls?

Ugh, it was just so cute.  I wish you could have seen her grin from ear to ear as she reached out for these little guys.  "Baby chickens!" she exclaimed.

Wait, what?

Once she said it, though, I could see the resemblance. 

She likes them so much that I'm going to go ahead and call them baby chickens.  The kid loves chicks, and if this is what a crafting win looks like, I'll take it!

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