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Learn to Crochet: Crochet Cross Stitch

I tried to crochet the Crisscross dishcloth from Dishcloths one time.  It's the bright green one:

It didn't go that well.  But I think I'll try again this weekend.  It's a cute pattern, and I'd like to master the art of crocheting the cross stitch. I like dishcloths for trying out new stitches because it gives me plenty of opportunity to practice new techniques and the project is quick enough to keep me from getting tired of it.  I'll definitely be trying out the cross stitch technique on this pattern.  I like the look of it, and I want to know more about this weird, crisscrossed stitch.

Maybe I didn't watch this video enough times for my last attempt to be successful.  It helps me to watch a video tutorial 3 or 4 times before trying a new stitch, and then watching the video a few more times while I'm trying the new stitch.  I tend to go through a lot of trial and error(s) whenever I try something new, but once I understand something it tends to stick in my brain after that.

Even if I wasn't motivated to make an ungodly number of dishcloths, I still think I'd want to learn how to do the crochet cross stitch.  This is just icing on the motivation cake.  I know that didn't make much sense.  I'm sorry, but I'm a little distracted.  And if you'll excuse me, I have a video to go watch.

Over and over again.

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