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Making a Patriotic Tutu

I don't know why I feel the need to preface today's post with a disclaimer, but I do:

I am not a tutu mom.

I'm just not.  I pick out baby clothes that are not especially ruffly, I have weird rules about animal prints for my daughter, and when my little girl was an infant she never had one of those headbands with the enormous flower on top.  I like simple onesies and thrift store shorts and organic cotton unisex t-shirts.

But it turns out I have a tutu daughter.

I don't know if I should blame the aunts and grandparents for buying her pinkpinkpink merchandise, if I should rail against the insidious marketing monsters who have convinced my child that we have to read princess books every day, or if I should shrug my shoulders and accept that my sister's genetic predisposition to loving purses, shoes, and statement jewelry pieces have been passed on to my kid.  For the last couple of months, I've been choosing the last option.

Whatever the cause, the girl's just fancy.

Fancy little girls need crowns and bright pink clothes and princess figurines that are stored in glittery purses.  And tutus.

So when I saw the book A Tutu for Every Occasion, I said a silent prayer of thanks that we made it 2 whole years without a tutu in the house and checked the shopping list for the Patriotic Tutu in time for Memorial Day next week.  I decided to skip the Patriotic Headband because my little creature has mixed feelings about headbands, and I also decided that rhinestones on the felt stars might still pose too much of a choking threat at this stage in the game. 

Other than that, I made the tutu following the directions exactly.  I don't know if my sweet girl will wear this on Memorial Day or if she's going to wear it every day forever.  It's looking like it might be the latter.  But I liked the themes in A Tutu For Every Occasion, and I appreciated the clear instructions.

It's pretty great for $20 of supplies and 30 minutes of work!

And I must say, she looks so darn cute in her patriotic tutu.  She was absolutely delighted to see it when she woke up from her nap and immediately had to wear it all night.  She was more than willing to put it on again for a few more pictures the next day.

If I could offer any advice about this quick little project, it would be to buy tulle.  Just tulle.  Not glitter tulle as the instructions call for.  Because glitter tulle sheds more glitter than I could have ever thought to dread.  And every time the tulle moves, glitter falls like a gentle snow.

I put the tutu on a two-year-old, though, and the glitter blizzard has not been kind to our carpet. Still, our lovely little American enjoys her new 'skirt' and I had fun making it.  I think she'll get a lot of wear out of it this summer.

It's almost enough to make me think about making the Princess Ensemble.....

8 thoughts on “Making a Patriotic Tutu”

  • Beth

    It is adorable. I understand about the glitter. I have been there and cleaned it up. ;)

  • Mary

    I have some with what seems like glitter, in any case, it falls off. I think I'll shake it and then wash it before trying to make it into something. I do have just tulle, but not the patriotic colors. Not sure when the granddaughters will get a tutu.

    • Jen

      I really should have taken the tutu outside and given it a few good shakes! The book has other tutu 'patterns', so I'm sure you could make your tulle work with something. Those little girls apparently REALLY like tutus.

  • Denise

    It's a throwback gene. It's NOT you. I went to high school with a TOTAL tomboy. She had to be bribed to wear a dress as bridesmaid in her brother's wedding and wore a pantsuit to her own. Her daughter insisted on dresses, pink, tutus, hair bows--total girly girl stuff. The daughter grew up to be a competitive swimmer in high school, and entered a beauty pageant for the scholarship money prize. She won. Her talent? Performing CPR. My daughter is going to love this. She's 10. I have an idea for the person who invented the glitter that gets all over everything, and it's not pretty.

    • Jen

      Ha ha, I would believe that. The way my little girl wears jewelry reminds me so much of my mom sometimes it's almost scary. Your friend's daughter sounds awesome. And like I said in the post, if you make this for your daughter do it with REGULAR tulle. Whoa Nelly. Just whoa. My carpet is starting to look normal, but I live with a husband who definitely shares your feelings about glitter. He is not a fan.

  • Dom Callaway

    what fabric did you use for the stars?

    • Jen

      I'm sorry I'm just now seeing this! They're felt. You can cut it out yourself and hot glue it to the tulle, but I just bought some felt star stickers I found at Michaels. My daughter liked taking them on and off and moving them around.

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