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Crocheting a Bulky Cowl: the Quick and Easy Twist

Friends, it's that time of year again.  And by that, I mean it's June.  We're halfway through the year, and it's time to think about gift knitting and crocheting.  I always make lists and think grand thoughts every year about how I'll get a jumpstart on handmade Christmas gifts, but this year I've actually started picking out patterns and pairing them up with yarns and I've even made some gauge swatches.  Brave new world over here!

For some reason, I was thinking about the book Crochet Cowls a lot last week.  So when I was reorganizing my craft corner this weekend, I decided to pick out some yarns and see if I could pair them up with some of those patterns.  I really liked the way my Quick and Easy Button-Up turned out, and so I thought I might make a couple of cowls for friends and relatives this Christmas.

The next thing I knew, I had grabbed up the last of my white Lion Brand Quick & Thick and started on the Quick and Easy Twist pattern.

What can I say?  I love any pattern that has the words "quick" and/or "easy" in the name.  Throw in super bulky weight yarn and I'm 'hooked'.  (I really cracked myself up with that pun.  I'm sorry.)

A couple of episodes of television on DVD later, and I had 28" of a cowl body! 

Once you get started, it's just the same row of shells over and over.   It is perfect television crocheting--it took me a little over two hours to crochet and roughly 1.5 skeins of yarn.  If you choose not to be a virtuous (self-righteous?) yarn crafter and make this cowl months in advance, then you can certainly make this one day in advance.  Or even on the day of.   It's such a quick and easy project that you could whip one of these bad boys out in the car on the way to your holiday festivities.

Or if you thought you needed a new cowl, then you could just make it for yourself and emerge from your vehicle swathed in a fluffy, bulky cowl and your smug sense of superiority that you can do anything in a couple of hours.

Hey, I'm not here to judge, okay?  I'm the crazy lady wearing cowls in the middle of the summer.

I hope you read this for the bad puns and dumb faces.

I am here to recommend the pattern, though.  This is a quick project and a lovely cowl and it could very well save your tail when the holidays catch you unawares.  Or you could get started on it right now.

Just do it with some sweet tea and an air conditioner running nearby.  This thing is warm.

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