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A Good Enough Tutu from a Good Enough Mom

I've made a tutu for my daughter before and she loves it dearly.  But the glitter is a bit much.  I wanted to make something she could wear any time and anywhere without a big clean-up afterward.

I decided to make the Princess Ensemble from A Tutu for Every Occasion.  I would just find some tulle without glitter dots and then my fancy princes would have a fancy princess outfit.

Of course it wasn't that simple.  These things never are.  I went to the store, but they were out of purple.  And the colors weren't bright.  I would have gone somewhere else, but it was stormy out, and so I improvised with two rolls of pink tulle and one roll of light green.


I used the instructions for a Basic Tutu to cut the length of ribbon for the tie, and to tie on the strips of tulle.

My goodness, that's an awful lot of tulle.

I was hoping this would look a bit more striped, but the soft pastels kind of blended the whole thing together.

There's a version that's 10" for little bitty girls, but since my daughter thinks these things are skirts and doesn't want to wear pants with them I decided to make the 18" version of the tutu.

So on top of looking not-especially-fancy and kind of bland, it turned out to be a bit too long.

Obviously none of this mattered to her.  At all.  It was a tutu!  She was thrilled!  She accessorized with a crown!

And her favorite footwear!

Then she wore it to the library, which is one of her favorite places! And put stickers on her reading sheet, which is one of her favorite things!

She was incredibly happy with her 'skirt' and crown and boots and Saturday activities, and I remembered that as long as I do my crafting best for my little girl she's probably going to like it.

In fact, she liked her tutu so much she had to eat lunch in it and didn't want to take it off for her nap.  But I made her because I needed to spray it off in the sink--which is another thing I can't do with her glittery patriotic tutu.

As fancy as she is, this little girl can also be a bit messy.  The Princess Ensemble may have to wait a few more years, but for now maybe this is the perfect fancy princess tutu for my fancy (and messy!) princess.

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