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Crocheting a Sweet Little Ducky Hat for a Sweet Little Person

I don't know how I've failed to mention this exciting news before now, but: I'm going to be an aunt!

I am beyond excited!  I'm going to meet a wonderful little person--who might even be so kind as to grace us with its presence on my birthday.  My sister is going to be a mommy.  And, most importantly and selfishly, I am going to get to knit and crochet a truly insane amount of baby items.  It's going to get pretty real.

I love baby things.  They're small, and usually animal-themed.  The colors are bright.  The projects tend to be quick because of the smallness.... Sigh.  It's all so lovely.

I'm pumped.  I didn't know as much about knitting and crocheting when I was pregnant with my daughter, so I missed out on some of the super tiny items.  But not now!  I've queued several patterns already, and I've made a few little things here and there.  But this is what stopped me in my tracks.


Hats and Diaper Covers.  For babies.  And it's animal-themed. I almost can't stand the teeny tiny cuteness!  When I first saw this, I might have squealed a little bit.  But only a little bit because my own baby was sleeping.  But then I frantically waved the laptop at my husband and rather than sigh with confusion and mild disdain (he's been forced to look at a lot of baby patterns lately), he started grinning and immediately laughed "Oh my gosh, that giraffe one is so cute!  Are you going to make that? You need to make that."

I probably do need to make this.

And the puppy one.  And definitely the bunny rabbit one.  And probably the lady bug one.

But last night I found myself drawn to the ducky hat.  Not duck--ducky.  I don't infantilize that many words, but ducks become duckies when I'm dealing with babies.  I'm not sure why.  My daughter usually calls them ducks and makes them say "quack quack" in a low, growling voice when she plays with her rubber duckies in the bath tub.  It's actually kind of unsettling.  But we'd played with some toys ducks that afternoon and I had some light yellow yarn and that little ducky hat seemed simple enough to make.

And it was!  I didn't make any modifications other than sewing the eyes on with doubled up black yarn instead of using buttons, and leaving tassels off the ends of the ear flap ties.  Those small mods aside, I followed the pattern faithfully.  However, this hat looks big enough to fit my two-year-old.  Yes, I did a gauge swatch!  It was as close to perfect as anything else I've ever swatched.  But then I remembered that there really doesn't seem to be much of a difference between a baby's head at 3-6 months and a baby's head at 2ish years.  And there was actually no difference between the size of my sister at 6 months and me at 2 years. 

Still, though.  My niece or nephew won't be here until the middle of December and even then s/he won't need a ducky hat until March.  I'll try again with a much smaller hook for my sister's baby pretty soon, and I'll go ahead and use the same yarn since I have about half a skein left (I used Stitch Nation's Washable Ewe).  So my daughter doesn't know it yet, but she just got a new hat.

I really hope she quacks in it.

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