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Crocheting the Swirl Dishcloth

Remember when I posted about the Spiral dishcloth pattern last week?  And two weeks before that?

Well, that's because my reading comprehension suffers when I'm more focused on increasing my stitches and pairing up colors.  As a result, I typed "spiral" when I should have typed "swirl." Over and over.

For clarification, this is a Spiral dishcloth from the book Dishcloths:

And this is a Swirl dishcloth from a different book called Dishcloths.

See the difference?  Even I can keep these things straight with a little side-by-side comparison.  And now for a proper post about the Swirl dishcloth.  Even if I couldn't remember its name correctly, I really did enjoy the pattern itself.  See?

Once I find a pattern I like, I tend to go a little overboard.  But it's so fun to mix colors and see how they look!  First, I made it a few more with the ecru as my starting color.

I have an intense loathing for the phrase "a pop of color," but I've got dang fluorescent green on here.  Colors are popping.

Then I swapped out the ecru for hot blue.

I think it made a difference.

Next I tried pink with variegated yarn with lots of orange and pinks and yellow, but it didn't look as good as I'd hoped.  Maybe it needed more contrast.

And this one?

It's probably my favorite.  I've had the yarn sitting in my stash for over a month, trying to figure out why I liked it and how I'd use it.  When I had all (and I do mean ALL) of my cotton yarn out while I was making these, I finally realized. 

Yes, that's some Very Hungry Caterpillar yarn!  Not really.  I think it's called Lollipop.  But you can't fool me.  I know my Eric Carle books and that is some seriously Very Hungry Caterpillar yarn right there.  And so of course I had to make a Very Hungry Caterpillar dishcloth!  I just used red, blue, and green in between the rows of multicolored yarn.  I wish I'd used a darker green, but I think this hot green works fairly well.

And once I figured out why I liked the yarn, I immediately knew where this dishcloth needed to go--my daughter's play kitchen!

She really liked it because she likes bright colors (and playing in her kitchen like her dad), and now she pretends to wash dishes.  She's happy with her dishcloth and I'm happy with all the rest.

And by "all the rest," I mean "all these Swirl dishcloths.  Swirl, swirl, swirl."

Swirrly about the mix-up.

Now I can't stop.

3 thoughts on “Crocheting the Swirl Dishcloth”

  • Lemon Chic

    you have a great blog ^ ^you want to follow each other?follow me and let me know with a commentand follow you too :))kisses

  • Unknown

    I don't understand. All of these are done in the round. There are no spirals. Does swirl refer to the colour changes between rounds?

    • Jen

      I honestly don't understand, either! It's the just the name of the pattern. I guess a "Target" dishcloth didn't sound good to anyone. But I think it would be fun to crochet some red and white ones and give to my friends who shop there a lot. :)

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