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Learn to Crochet: Working the Treble Crochet Stitch

I've been crocheting the Flower Tile dishcloth from Dishcloths, and I just worked my first project that called for the treble crochet stitch!

"Hello!  I'm a treble crochet stitch!"

To be honest, the treble crochet stitch is a lot like the double crochet stitch--you just have more yarnovers and loops.  And, if you imagine, you pull your yarn through your loops three times.  Yes, you work a technique THREE whole times in something called the treble crochet stitch.

The treble crochet stitch, which is abbreviated to "tr" in patterns, is also called the triple crochet stitch.  And it is an extremely tall stitch.  See the row before the active row?

Those are single crochet stitches.  And the next row below in red is double crochet stitches.  Those stitches are such noticeably different heights--what a difference a few yarnovers makes!  If you're curious to see for yourself, click play on this helpful little video below:


The treble crochet stitch can feel a bit 'fiddly', but I like the look of those tall stitches.  And 'fiddly' is certainly not the same thing as difficult.  Try out the Flower Tile dishcloth yourself and see!

Happy practicing!

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