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Tunisian Crochetalong Shawl Progress Update #1

My yarn is here!  I found the right hook for me!  I am understanding mostly what I am doing! 


The Tunisian Crochetalong for the Sapphire Wrap started on July 1, but I wasn't able to start until Tuesday.  But now I'm into the first wedge of the shawl and I like it!  I had already practiced the stitches I would need to use for the first part of the shawl, so now I'm just crocheting my way through this.

And of course, I've already made some modifications.  The pattern calls for the reverse stitch on the first few rows of this to prevent curling and give it a nice edge.  I had a really hard time with the reverse stitch, and I wasn't crazy about how it looked.  So I decided to just crochet a few rows of the Tunisian simple stitch because I like how it looks.  And even though I have to hold down my tiny little project in this picture, it actually is going to do a fine job of holding things in place.

So now I just have 25 or so rows of 100 stitches each and then I'll learn about eyelets, which I'm not too worried about, and then I'll do what I just did all over again AND THEN there will be lacy-type patterning stuff going on and I will be staring at the instructions and the crochetalong postings with the intensity of, well, a crafter.  We have our moments.

But for now I'm just going to crochet my short rows and burn through all this yarn:

Even though I'm off to a late start, I feel like things are going just fine.  So yay!  I'm happy to finally have progress to report.

2 thoughts on “Tunisian Crochetalong Shawl Progress Update #1”

  • Carmen N

    I ended up restarting today and it's all your fault! LOL I read your comment about not liking the reverse stitch and I thought "what reverse stitch?" Somehow I read those first rows as double stitches! That alone wouldn't have forced me to restart - but I had a flaw in one row back and I bought new wool/acrylic blend yarn that I think will look prettier.

    • Jen

      Oh no! Well, I'm glad you had a few reasons to restart. That usually makes it a little less painful for me. It seems like at least a couple of people have had to try again, and that makes me feel better about things. Hope you like this version of your work better!

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