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Crazy for Crocheted Cowls: Shells with a Twist, Part 2

Remember when I crocheted the Shells with a Twist cowl?

Remember when I loved it and I thought it was a great pattern that wore beautifully and I would make a few more of these?

I meant it.

My gift stash just got a lot more vibrant.

I really meant it.

I found some yarn on sale in my yarn store's 'adoption center' (which lets you feel good about picking up even more yarn to give it a good home) and went a little crazy.  But!  I clearly don't care!  I love the colors!  The yardage is perfect for this project--exactly 2 skeins (300 yards) will get you your 54 inches--and the wool is light and fluffy and beautiful.

I made the pink cowl for a birthday present for my pink-loving sister, who is 25 for the third time and very pleased with her present.  And the red yarn is all crocheted up into a cowl.  I just need to sew the ends together and find the right wearer for it.

The blue is nearly two-thirds finished and I'm rethinking that whole 'putting it in the gift stash' lunacy I suffered from earlier.  It may stay with me forever.  Just look at it!


And the purple?

Soon, my darlings. Soon.

I just reread over this post for grammatical errors and discovered a whole lot of crazy instead.

Guess what? Still don't care!  Have you been paying attention?!  Sale yarn!  Vibrant colors!  Gift stash!  Cowls!

Join me, won't you?  It's happy here.  We have sale yarn and plans and it's going to be great.*

*Said every completely sensible yarncrafter ever.

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