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Best Yarn Bomb Ever! Arkansas Arts Center Yarnbombed

The Arkansas Arts Center was recently yarnbombed and it. is. glorious.

Yes, even the letters are made with yarn. GLORIOUS!

at least one knitter from my local sit'n'stitch group helped out with this and, according to his Facebook, a crane was involved.  Or a truck with a bucket.  One of those very technical things that I'm not used to thinking about whenever I think about yarn.

But hey, I guess you need large equipment for a very large yarnbomb!

I know.  I know.  That building is huge!

But there are some small areas that didn't escape notice as well.

But it's the larger pieces that blew my mind.  I loved the fountain.

If you're anywhere near central Arkansas right now, you should check out this masterpiece while you can!

3 thoughts on “Best Yarn Bomb Ever! Arkansas Arts Center Yarnbombed”

  • Beth

    I wish that I was close enough to see this amazing yarn bomb! I am going to yarn bomb the trees in front of my building one of these days. I have a bin of scraps and I can use them up.

    • Jen

      Do it, do it! Most yarnbombs I've seen are on a smaller scale--a tree, a park bench, a door handle. It's fun to find them hidden in unexpected places, and I bet you'd make a lot of people smile!

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