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Crocheting the Off Center Granny Square Dishcloth

Happy Labor Day, crafters!

I spent most of my weekend doing not-crafty things, but I did have some time to crochet the Off Center Granny Square dishcloth from Dishcloths because IT'S A GRANNY SQUARE BUT NOT QUITE!  I love all things granny square, and this blew my mind a little.

Oh hey, and there's the corner of my table. I apparently never get tired of photographing the edge of my table.  Whatever.  Focus on what's happening here.

See?  You start to crochet a granny square, but then you stop and just do some regular crocheting of shells and whatnot, AND THEN you go back to crocheting a granny square.

 And then you weave in all your ends.  Goodness gracious.  Obviously that's going to happen to when you're working with 3 colors, but it felt like a lot of trouble to me since I had already declared the weekend to be a lazy one.

However, the pattern apparently didn't make that much of a bad impression on me since I've already started another dishcloth:

Yup, I just reversed the order of the colors!  I think I'll make a few more with solid colors that aren't quite so bright next.  You know, when I'm not being lazy. 

This is a pretty fun take on the granny square, and I really like the way this dishcloth looks!  It would probably be really fun to try with two neutral or muted colors and a weird dash of bright color for the second color choice (where I have the blue).  You could do a whole lot of things with this pattern, and I can't wait to find out what some of those things are.

Happy holiday crafting!

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