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Fall! Granny Squares! Banner!

Okay, first I made a pumpkin hat.  The floodgates of fall were opened and the next thing I knew, I was staying up until 2 AM crocheting granny squares while watching British television.  Adulthood is pretty much like I'd hoped it would be.

Ah yes.  Granny squares.  My very favorite thing to make, even over slouchy hats and adorable tiny baby things.  I love granny squares, and I love fall, and I love granny squares in fall colors.

Let's face it.  Fall colors can be warm and rich and elegant.....or they can be unapologetically tacky.

You can see which look I prefer.  There are people who dislike the granny square for being dowdy, frumpy, and (duh) granny-ish.

Then there are those of us who like them for those very reason. 

I know there's no law saying that you have to crochet granny squares in color combinations that might be downright ugly.  They don't have to look like something you'd see in an afghan in the seventies. 

I just like it best when they do! My favorite grandma had a granny square afghan in her living room that was olive green, gold, and black.  By some decorating stroke of genius, that blanket matched her stove, her gold owl wall decorations, and it complemented her wood paneled walls beautifully.  I'm not being sarcastic.  I love my Mamaw and her afghans and decorations and I like granny squares best when they're in colors that remind me of coziness and being comfortable with your complete and utter lack of coolness.

And yes, I realize these are granny triangles.  I'm going to make a little banner for part of my home's fall decor!  For the record, my fall decor usually consists of throwing afghans over every stationary surface and stringing along a banner or two. 

Obviously, this year's banner will be glorious.  I am so stinking excited about this!  Nothing too twee for this year!  These squares have all the whimsical charm of a hunting magazine, and I love it.  Sticking with the same 5 colors (or color families.  I was using up some scraps for this project so I had some lighter green.  My one regret is that I don't have more of the harvest gold yarn.) has also been incredibly fun.  I had some kind of rule for arranging them last night, but I lost track of it after a while.  I'll just try to keep from repeating myself on the next few I make.

That's right.  I have more yarn, and a full weekend ahead of me.  When it's all over, I hope to have 10 or 12 of these triangles--I really like this pattern, by the way!  You get to work a treble crochet puff stitch and top it off with a picot stitch!  So fancy!--and a lovely banner for my home.  Just a string of garish crochet pieces hanging like flags, bearing witness to my cozy uncoolness and my all-consuming love of granny squares. 

It seems like a good look for a home to have.

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