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You Can't Hurry Love, or Quilts, or Anything Else

My crafting weekend was not as productive as I had hoped.  But I must say, my expectations were pretty out of control.  I didn't factor in a day trip, or feeling sick, or spending time on the phone with a friend, or that some of my projects might bore me or take longer than expected.

Especially that last one.

I'm still working away on my little quilt project from 3 Times the Charm.  I picked the Jennifer quilt because that's my name.  Also, I like the pattern. But mostly because that's my name. 

I didn't use a Charm pack because I don't have one, and because I have plenty of scraps.  However, ironing fabric and cutting out 80 squares and marking 40 of them takes a while.  A looooong while.

Then I had to remind myself that I don't have backing for this quilt.  And that I don't 'believe' in machine quilting, so I'll be stitching this little creation by hand.

And I don't have an intended recipient. 

And this is craft.  It's supposed to take a while.  There are plenty of fun and quick crafts, and goodness knows I love a good simple crochet dishcloth because that's the epitome of fun and quick. 

But most good things take a while.  I'm trying to teach my little girl how to hold a pen and use her indoor voice, and that obviously didn't go so smoothly on the very first try.  I'm going to start some knitted blankets soon and I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that those certainly aren't going to be done in a weekend.

Knitting and crocheting through my stash takes time.  Sewing takes time.  Doing anything worthwhile--and doing that worthwhile thing well--takes time. 

This isn't quite the quilt post I wanted to write after a long weekend, but that's okay.  It's going to take a while to work on this quilt, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

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