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Knitting Precious Garter Stitch Booties

I knitted the Booties pattern from Garter Stitch for Baby.  There.  I said it!

It was one of those crazy aunt/knitter projects that I should feel a little silly about, but don't. 

Firstly, I've already made 3 pairs of booties for my sister.

Secondly, I decided to use a nice wool/alpaca blend.  For a baby.   

Whatever, y'all.  It's fall and my head is filled with ridiculous plans for really nice yarns and this is soft and a beautiful color and if I need to go visit my sister to hand wash knitted things for her and hold the baby a few months from now, then okay.

Maybe I'm even doing this on purpose.

I mean, I'm not because I'm not that clever but it's a nice bonus.

Anyway, this was a lovely pattern to knit.  It's nothing too crazy, but also not too boring.  Thank goodness, because I had to make a second one!  This was sweet enough that I could happily make a few more pairs of this pattern.

For now, though, I'm going to try out a few more of the patterns in Garter Stitch for Baby.  I'm really in a garter stitch mood and I've got quite a bit of this yarn left.

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