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Crocheting a Turkey Because Thanksgiving

I love crochet creatures, even though I don't like crocheting them.  But when I saw this:

in Treasury of Holiday Crochet, I had to go for it.  My results varied just a bit, but only because I'm not especially skilled at crocheting amigurumi.  But I had to!  There aren't a lot of Thanksgiving crafts--at least not for adults who want to do something other than tracing their hands--and I thought this was just too cute to not try.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pattern called for TLC Essentials Falling Leaves, which has been discontinued for a while.  But!  I had a scarf made from this that I hadn't worn in years, and had already been planning to unravel and repurpose.  I was so excited that I went ahead and made all of the tail feathers with this pretty variegated yarn.  I get excited about things like that.


I made the body with some Red Heart worsted weight yarn, and everything else was just scraps.  I think the waddle took six whole inches of some Vanna's Choice.

 I have to be very honest.  I didn't understand the instructions for crocheting the beak, so I improvised in a fit of late-night desperation and crankiness and made something that resembled a beak and I don't really remember what happened.  Also, there were instructions for joining all the tail feathers together and I didn't know what the heck they were talking about.  So I just stitched each feather onto the turkey's back individually.  This is called the Shelf-Sitting Turkey after all, so I figured it won't be seen from behind.  Which is good because I made a bit of a mess of it.

Yup, definitely should have placed those bottom feathers closer to the center of the back.

 But you can't tell from the way it's sitting on my bookshelf right now! 

This is a cheerful-looking turkey, with its long dangling legs and its silly tail feathers.  There are plenty of lovely patterns in Treasury of Holiday Crochet, and I'm really happy I tried this one first.  If you think you need more Thanksgiving decor in your home, you could probably whip this up a lot more quickly than I did (3 hours, maybe) and it would probably look even better than mine.  This is a diss on my amigurumi skills, not on the pattern.  I love this thing!  Turkeys are pretty silly-looking to begin with, and I'm enjoying this fun little bird in my home. 

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