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Finishing the Short but Sweet Cowl

I finished the Short But Sweet Cowl from Crochet Cowls!

This is 18" of pretty stacked shells, and this baby is really warm

And thick.  But not in a bad way, like when you think of those bulletproof crochet cliches.  This just feels like a great heavy duty cowl, although I'm already wondering what would happen if I crocheted this with medium weight yarn and made it a little bit longer.

I think the "short" in the title refers to the amount of time it takes to make this.

Don't mind me.  I always think about changing things up, though, because it's always amazing to me the difference a yarn can make. The yarn I did use is Bernat Softee Chunky, which is a nice bulky weight yarn.  This cowl took 3 skeins.   

Exactly three skeins.

This was all that was left!

This yarn has been discontinued, but the Ravelry page for it says that each skein is around 160 yards per skein--so I needed a tiny bit more than the 300 yards the pattern called for.  Just a tip if you're thinking about making this: get more yarn than you think you'll need!

That's my advice for all knitting and crochet projects, though.

So.  Bulky weight yarn, J hook, and extra yardage.

Oh, and Crochet Cowls. You're going to need the pattern if you want to make this, and I assure you that you do want to make this.

2 thoughts on “Finishing the Short but Sweet Cowl”

  • Beth

    I love it!!! I used to love making baby blankets in a shell pattern. Just love the way it looks. I might have to make one of these for myself.

    • Jen

      I highly recommend it! And now I really want to try this worked flat with a few more stitches so I could make a great baby blanket! It's just sounding really good to me.

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