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I Knitted a Pair of Socks and I'm Very Excited About It!

Attention, everyone: I have knit my very first pair of socks!

I can't believe it!  Yes, I can.  Maybe. 

I know, I know.  They're not that amazing. Even though my gauge was fine, these socks are big, floppy monsters.  And one is even bigger and floppier than the other because I somehow missed a set of decreases and straight rows on my first sock and then remembered them on the second one.  I've already made a note to myself to make my 'mistake' the next time I make these.

But that was the whole point.  I have made a pair of socks and now I know how to knit socks.  If I do this a few more times, I can find out what types of socks I like to make or wear.  Maybe I want to use the magic loop method with one really long circular needle, or maybe I love knitting with four double-pointed needles.  I already know that I like working with bamboo needles when I'm working with DPNs, and I know that because I've tried different types--and I'm sure knitting socks is kind of like that.  I'm just going to keep trying stuff out and seeing what works and what I enjoy.

I do know that I love the yarn I used for this.  This yarn is actually what made me go ahead and try to knit some socks for myself!  It's Patons Kroy Socks in Ragg Blue.  Obviously I didn't use a new skein for my second sock, and just picked up the new one when I ran out of yarn.  I'm frugal (or cheap), and I already knew these socks weren't going to be perfect.  So I've got some weird stripes going on here.  Some of them I like, but some are a little silly.

Yes, I am referring to you, heel turning weirdness.

But being free to make all kinds of mistakes let me plunge right into this messy attempt and keep going even thought I could tell these weren't going to be my best works.  The instructions in I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks were remarkably clear and I chose the Basic Socks pattern to keep things simple and....basic.  And they were!  And, in spite of all the flaws I've just listed with my own knitting, I love these socks.

I've been wearing my very own hand knit socks around the house each evening and my feet are warm and stripey, even if they are a little too slouchy.  I mean, I made these socks!  With my hands and needles!  I'm feeling proud and happy with these, and I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks is an excellent guide for learning how to knit socks--and has some lovely patterns as well!  I made sure to stick to the pattern (except for when I forgot to), unlike the last time I had a pretty sad attempt at making a single toddler sock.  Which reminds me!  Now I need to look for a toddler-sized pattern (I'm not getting crazy with mods just yet--at least not with this type of knitting) so I can make some small socks for my small girl.

Because now I know how.


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