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A Sherlock Scarf!

Friends, Season 3 of BBC's Sherlock will begin airing on PBS exactly one month from today and it will. be. good.

It's so good, I'm knitting a scarf from Skinny Scarves in anticipation.  Why?

Because this version of Sherlock wears a scarf, that's why.

And it's a skinny scarf.  Yes, I realize his version isn't knitted.  But I don't know how to weave (yet), and Skinny Scarves is full of excellent knitting patterns for skinny scarves in case you kind of want to look like Sherlock Holmes.

It's fine.  We all do at least a little bit.

 Plus, scarves are fun and skinny scarves are super fast to knit!  Even if you're not a fan of Sherlock Holmes (please don't tell me if you aren't), it's the dead of winter over here and smaller scarves can be worn really loosely, or wrapped around and around for extra warmth, depending on the temperature.

Or you can make several and wear them all at once like this very warm model.

There are several patterns that would work well for a Sherlock scarf of your very own.  The ruffle scarf on the cover might not be your best option, but I'm not judging.  Less frilly options include the
Garter Stripes pattern, without the stripes.  I think it would be a great pattern for a newer knitter, or for someone who just likes garter stitch.

The Seed Stitch pattern is also pretty, and would add some nice texture to a solid color yarn.  However, I am getting a little tempted to knit this in a yarn like Lion Brand Amazing yarn for this neat gradient look.

I also like the Cluster Rib pattern.

That is a really interesting stitch and I don't see it on many knitting patterns.  You should try it out!

I say that because I'm making the Simple Rib.  I just like how it looks.

This is a little more than a dozen stitches across, and uses Size 8 needles.  I'm using some Stitch Nation's Bamboo Ewe because I had some in a periwinkle color that I thought would look sufficiently Sherlock-y.  So far, so good!

This is going quickly, and it's an enjoyable knit.  And I'll have it in time for Season 3.  I can't wait for all kinds of reasons now!

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