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A Slouchy Seed Stitch Beanie!


It's finished!  I made the Casual Comfort pattern from Knit Celebrity Beanies for the Family in about a day!  And by "day" I mean "twenty-four-hour period of time where I slept 6 or 7 hours and went to work and ran errands and did life things before sitting down with my knitting."  This doesn't usually happen to me during the workweek--what a quick knit!*

As I mentioned before, this has a very vintage feel to me and I love it.  And now that this is finished, I'm feeling it even more.  I want to make one for myself.

And yes, then I'm going to toss it up in the air while smiling on a busy city street.  It's been a while since a slouchy hat pattern has made me feel this way, but this seems like a good hat for the job.

I love how the yellow yarn knitted up into the seed stitch and I'm completely delighted with how this sunny little project turned out.  I can only hope that my friend feels the same way!

And I hope she doesn't mind that I tried on her hat.  Uh....just to see if it works.


Anyway!  I made this in the Small/Medium size, which took up a little under 200 yards of worsted weight yarn.  There are also instructions available for a Large/Extra Large as well, which could come in handy if your head circumference is 21" around or more--or if you just have a lot of hair.

Have I also mentioned that Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family is currently on sale?  Because it is.  So we have a one skein wonder, a beautiful finished object, and 7 patterns for the price of a small fountain drink?  I bet YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT AFTER ALLLLLLLL!

I'm sorry.  But now that the theme song for the Mary Tyler Moore Show is going to be stuck in my head for the next few days, I have to share it.  And really, I'm going to make this after all--possibly this weekend.

*This post was all set to go this morning, except for pictures, until I had computer problems.  So I had to wait to tell you about this until I got home from work.  Whoops.

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