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Crocheting on Sunshine (Whoa oh!)

This is really a post about a crocheted cowl.  I promise.

But first, here is a picture of knitted mittens.

These are mittens based off Elizabeth Zimmermann's 36-stitch mittens pattern.  You can find it in Knitting Without Tears.  Elizabeth Zimmermann was a genius.  An absolute genius.  Also: very funny.  Sometimes I just read her books because I enjoy her voice.

I made these mittens because I needed a pair of mittens and I wanted to try this pattern.  I went for it once before and had bad luck, but I felt pretty good about this try.  Mostly because I really needed some mittens and I felt like this yarn would be perfect.  It's Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica and I got it on sale and it turned into my birthday present.  I love the greens with that bright yellow!  I love how the spiral pooling turned out!  I love the softness!  I just love this yarn and I actually skipped the recommended purl stitches on the backs of the hands because 1) I was afraid I'd mess up with the thumb business and 2) I didn't want anything to take away from how lovely I think the yarn looks in plain stockinette.

There's another colorway in the Wool Classica yarns called "Highlighter" and I almost bought some at my local yarn store's ear-end sale because it's a slightly more florescent yellow than the spots in this yarn and I am sure I had a reason for not buying it, but now I think I was probably insane.  I should have bought it.  There was no good reason not to.

What I do have, however, is some Red Heart yarn called "Bright Yellow," and it lives up to the name. 

I wanted to have some extra for the Ripples of Joy afghan I'm working on and I figured using up on some on a cowl couldn't hurt.

At last, I reach the point of this post!   I'm working on a cowl.

I'm trying out the Cuddly Cowl pattern from Hats & Scarves.  I'm on the second pattern repeat, and I already know that I love it!  The original pattern calls for brown yarn as the main color and black and beige yarns for the contrast colors.  The bright yellow with lime green and dark green is a bit of a departure, and I felt kind of silly when I realized that I had all of the pattern's intended colors for once. 

But I press on because I think I need some bright yellow smack in the middle of this dismal January.  And because I'm enjoying myself with this simple pattern and wonderful colors.  I've been looking forward to trying out some of the patterns in Hats & Scarves, and I'm pretty excited that I'm starting with this cheerful project.

I think I'll have this sunshiney creation completed by the end of the weekend.  I can't wait!
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