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Finishing and Wearing the Cuddly Cowl

It's done!  I finished up the Cuddly Cowl from Hats & Scarves!  I don't know why Hats & Scarves isn't called "Hats & Scarves & Cowls," but it isn't.  However, there are some great cowl patterns in the booklet and I guess you're just supposed to consider them really great bonuses.  I do.

Anyway, this cowl is very cuddly.  Look at it all up on my neck's business:

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  I knew it was pretty small, but I didn't realize it would be so tight that I would need to take off my glasses to get this on and off my head.  Your neck will be good and protected in this thing.

I don't mind the small circumference of the cowl because it's incredibly tall.

It's only around 18" around, but nearly 12" high!  That's a pretty tall cowl to be so small, but I like it.  I'm not making a necklace and if I'm going to make something too small to loop around myself, I want my neck to be nice and warm.  And this really does kind of cuddle you!  You can fold it in half, or just kind of scrunch around yourself how you want.

I think it looks a little bunched up in this picture because I have both my arms up in order to keep from dropping my camera.  Priorities.

Besides, there are worse things than a cowl that's up close to your face.  It was warm enough to run outside for a minute in a tank top (I love you, Arkansas!), but I know I'll need winter accessories that keep me completely covered most of the time this winter.

I love the patterning, which is just chains and single crochet stitches.  It would be great for a newer crocheter, but the end result is enough incentive for a more experienced crocheter to enjoy this.  The pattern was super-intuitive and I didn't zone out while working on it, but it didn't call for too much concentration.  It was a perfect weekend project.

To sum up:  A++ cowl pattern, would make again.  I'm really excited about trying out other patterns from Hats & Scarves.  I am still in love with this almost garishly bright yarn.  I'm warm.   I really love cowls right now.  I hope things are a little warmer wherever you are!  Make this!

Oh! Lastly, and probably most importantly, I should tell you that the stripes are made by loosely carrying your strands in the back of your work.  I meant to take a picture of this turned inside out, but forgot.  Just trust me when I say you won't have a hundred or so ends to weave in because I would never lie to you about that.  Never. 

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