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Hey, Vintage is Still Cool....Right?

I tend to get a touch of castonitis in January, and this year is no different.  My pile of WIPs is getting to be a little embarrassing, but I'm not going to let a little thing like looking crazy stop me.  My most current project is the Casual Comfort pattern from Knit Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family.

It's actually for an online friend, and since I'm not too sure about her head circumference (it just feels rude to ask) I figured I couldn't go wrong with a slouchy hat.

The pattern looks modern and casual in the booklet's picture.

But all this seed stitch looks oddly old-fashioned to me in my actual project.  I don't think it's a bad thing at all.  I was just surprised.  Maybe it's the shade of yellow.  It's the 5121 colorway of Berroco Vintage, and the goldenrod-ness of this looks mighty vintage indeed with the seed stitches.  I think that makes me like it even more.

I love seed stitch.  The repetitive motions of knitting and purling over and over relax me, and I love how switching up my knits and purls yields such a textured knitted fabric.  This is a simple knit and I like how this is turning out.

The pattern calls for Size 6 and 8 needles, so I scooted down to a 5 and a 7 like always.  I didn't think I would get very much done on this last night since I didn't get started until it was a little late.  But I was watching Sense & Sensibility and the next thing I knew, Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant were declaring their love for each other and I had nearly 3.5" of a hat on my hands!   In a couple of inches, I'll start decreasing!  And then I'll actually finish a knitting project!

No, last week's handwarmers don't count.  That was a matter of saving my hands from dying of polar vortex.  This is just a matter of finishing a knitting project before the end of the month.

And as quickly as this is going, I think I will!

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