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An Easygoing Hat for a Not-So-Easygoing Knitter

It seemed simple enough.  Knit the Easy-Going pattern from Knit Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family and use up a skein of Vanna's Choice.  I really enjoyed knitting up the Casual Comfort pattern, and I loved how it looked.  A slouchy beanie seemed like a great project and a great accessory, and I had bought the skein of this oatmeal-colored yarn on clearance a few months ago for some kind of project that I apparently never finished.  So last week I cast on stitches for the smallest size and went from there.

And I went pretty far pretty quickly!  I started with a Size 5 needle for the simple K1P1 ribbing, and moved on to a Size 6 after my increase row.  I was enjoying the simple stockinette, and how lovely the yarn looked all knit into smooth fabric.  The yarn colorway is Linen, by the way.  Everything about this project exuded calmness, serenity, and simplicity.  It was a perfect midwinter's project.

Until I really looked at my skein.

The pattern calls for about 220 yards.  Checking the label reviewed the awful truth.  I had roughly 170 yards.

And another inch before it was time to get started on the decrease rounds.

Oh.  Time for a stress migraine!

At first, I started knitting faster so I could see if I could manage to quickly finish the hat before I ran out of yarn.  Then I realized that was ridiculous, but I mention this because I'm sure you've done it too.

Then I slowed down because maybe I could forestall the terrible end.  Then I realized that was ridiculous, too.

So I stopped for a while.  I know neon pops of color are pretty.  And I have some nice bright blue that would contrast with this linen-colored yarn.  Maybe I could even throw on a pompom and get all fun and jaunty.  But I wasn't feeling fun and jaunty!  I still wanted something plain and simple, so I wasn't sure what I would do next.

I let it sit all weekend.  Maybe some of the yarn could grow back.  Maybe letting the project rest would help.  Maybe I could stop grinding my teeth so much.  But maybe not.

I ran out and bought an insurance skein of Vanna's Choice.  I'm going to get back to this, and I'm going to have lovely, simple, and completely monochrome hat.

And probably some extra yarn.

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