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Happy Valentine's Day!

Pattern from Treasury of Holiday Crochet.

Okay, I promise I won't write about Internet things every Friday but I really wanted to write about love, crafting, and the glories of the Internet today.  So I did.  And I threw in a billion links to interesting things because I like you.  Happy Valentine's Day!  I love the Internet.  I love yarncrafting.  And I love enjoying yarncrafting things on the Internet.  I apologize if this post seems disjointed, but I have a few links and updates I'd like to give you.  So let's talk about the wonderful things I like about the Internet on this happy day of love!

-Sharon Silverman wrote a post about her new book's blog tour on her own blog.  I loved emailing with Sharon when Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets first came out, and if you read her post you'll get to see a ton of reviews of the book from other bloggers.  There are a lot of blogs that I didn't know about before that I want to follow now because I read her post.  Awesome!

-Friend of the blog Debbie Trainer said some nice things about last Friday's post in a recent blog post of hers.  I've had fun swapping blog posts with Debbie this past year, and I really love dishcloth dresses.  Like a lot of awesome designers, Debbie has a Ravelry group where people can upload pictures of their dishcloth dress projects and I love seeing what color choices knitters have made to those fun designs.

-Let me say this for the millionth time: you should join Ravelry!  If you're not on there, you should be because it's an absolute godsend to yarncrafters.  I love seeing what other people are doing with patterns, and if I have the chance to see what a project looks like when it's not featured in a perfect pattern book illustration I'm going to check it out every time.  I love finding out what kind of modifications other people are trying out, and what yarns they're using, and um....I'm just very nosy.  I like seeing what people do with the Rainbow Set afghanI like that a lot.  And I loved checking out all the amazing ways people were making the Crocheted Surprise Jacket.

-Did you know that all 99 granny square patterns from 99 Granny Square Patterns to Crochet have project pages?  And there's a group for a crochetalong for all of the squares?  Let's take a moment for me to hyperventilate with joy.

-The Leisure Arts Facebook page always makes me happy.  People upload pictures of their projects, the nice media interns interact with crafters, and it's a good way to get Leisure Arts news.  If you have a Facebook account, you should like them.  And 'Like' them.  Get it?  Sorry.

-Lastly, there is a Ravelry group for fans of Leisure Arts!  So fun!  It's brand new, and I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you love some of these links to projects, blogs, and groups as much as I do.  And if you don't, there's always tomorrow's super-cheap chocolate on sale to make you pretty happy instead.  Happy crafting this weekend!

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