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Crocheting A Blanket's Worth of Colorful Circles

I made the Colorful Circles afghan from Baby Afghans last fall, but in gray and yellow.

I'm doing that again.

But slightly different.

Circles inside of squares are pretty striking, and I wondered what would effect I would get if I switched out Color A and B.  About half of these squares will have gray circles and yellow border, and the other half will have yellow circles and gray borders.  I'm not sure if I'll alternate the squares, or if I'll have alternating strips.

Alternating squares:

Alternating strips:

The blanket is made of four strips of five blocks, but I think I have enough yarn for five more squares.  Another row would give me more chances to play with the arrangement.  This is a nice bold pattern and I think it's great for little baby eyes to focus on!  Maybe kind of like this:

There are a lot of possibilities even though I'm just making two types of squares with two colors of yarn.  I'm using up a leftover skein of Red Heart Super Saver in Grey Heather, and some Caron One Pound in Sunflower.  I'm getting gauge just fine with the recommended H hook, and so my squares are 5.5".  And I'm really excited to be playing around with the designs in this sweet little pattern again.

I love this pattern, and I'm excited to be working on this little blanket.  I don't even know for whom I'm making this, but I am really excited about having this in my blanket stash.  I love making these squares.

I have nearly half as many as I need, and then the real fun of arranging begins.

I can't wait!

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