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Crocheting a Christmas Stocking. Why Not?

Hello, friends.  It is April 9, we are ten days away from Easter, and I am crocheting the Basic Stocking Pattern from Crochet Christmas Stockings.

I mean, why not?  I know plenty of smart people who begin their Christmas crafting some time in June or July, but I tend to get taken by surprise even when I do plan ahead.  So this year, I'm getting a jump start on my holiday crafting by starting now.  I don't know why I didn't think about this back around Valentine's Day.  Valentine's Day is probably a perfect time to start Christmas crafting because January is devoted to recovering from Christmas crafting-related burnout/selfish knitting and crocheting.  I bet that's what I'll do next year.

But for now, I'm feeling pretty good about starting my crocheting in April.  I don't even know who this stocking is for!  But when Christmas comes, I'll be ready.

This is the first pattern I've tried out of Crocheted Christmas Stockings, and I thought the Basic Stocking Pattern would be a good place to start.  Most of the patterns specify a yarn weight and hook size, but are based on the Basic Stocking Pattern.  So I just started this with a G hook and worsted weight Red Heart yarn.  I think this will be an excellent container for a hostess gift.  Or it would be a great decoration.  Or .... something.  I like how this simple little stocking looks, so I think it's going to be great regardless of what its use is.

There are no instructions on where to stop working for the cuff on this version of the pattern, so I just started working with red yarn when this looked 'right' to me. 

It's fairly mindless single crochet stitches worked in the round, with a few decreases here and there.  I've plenty of time to think about how sweet an initial would look on the cuff if I sewed some buttons into the shape of a letter.  Or about how I'll probably use a different color for the heel and the toe because I may run out of scraps for this.

I was enjoying the excitement of feeling like I was productive and an efficient planner, but now I have that extra thrill of terror that comes from trying to figure out if the yarn will outlast my pattern.  Really and truly, this is where I think the project gets exciting. It doesn't take much for me, and that's okay.

I hope you're enjoying your own projects!

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