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Weekly Dishcloth: Whoops.

I made the Granny Border dishcloth from Dishcloths again.  But with a few minor modifications.

Last time, I used worsted weight cotton yarn and an H hook. I followed the pattern's instructions faithfully and worked six rows before adding a border.

This time, I used bulky weight acrylic yarn with an N hook.  And worked twenty-three rows.

So this is an afghan, and not a dishcloth.  But it's an afghan that comes from a dishcloth pattern.  I'm not really sure what happened.

I can guess a little, though.  Do you ever have a knitting pattern that you want to crochet, or vice versa?  Because I've been knitting different versions of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Square Shawl (it's really a lightweight baby blanket) in different yarns of different weights for the last couple of months and I just love the two-stitch increase in the four corners. It's so simple and perfect! I thought about knitting up all of my stray skeins and balls of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, but then I remembered how much I dislike the needles I would need for this.  And I also remembered this dishcloth pattern and figured it would do nicely.

So late last week, I got to work.  I started with small scraps.  I knew I wanted to add new colors only when I started a new row to keep things from looking too scrappy.  I also knew I could probably make this pretty quickly.  I did not know I would make most of this over the weekend and give myself some serious shoulder pain from working for so long on such a heavy project with so much deranged intensity.  But I guess it's nice to find a pattern that just works for you?  Or something.

So now I have a lovely throw in my gift pile, and nearly every last bit of unwanted super bulky yarn is gone.  I have to confess that I went ahead and bought another skein of green and the brown tweedy-looking yarn, but everything else was from my stash.  I also unraveled some projects that weren't sitting well with me, and it felt fantastic to transform them into something I liked. 

I didn't get bored with this pattern at all, if you can believe it. I think switching colors so much and thinking about yardage and color combinations as I worked helped a lot. Toward the end, I was a little ready to be finished because I was using nearly a skein per row and I was nervous about running out.  That's just so much yarn!  Which was the point, I know.  Oh, and I should mention that I didn't crochet the single crochet border on this blanket like I did when I made this pattern for actual dishcloths.  I didn't have enough yarn in any one color for that, and I like it when blankets stretch out and get a bit loosey goosey.  A good afghan should only get better with time, and I think that growing a bit is definitely better.

This took about ten skeins' worth of yarn, which means I used up a little over a thousand yards.  That's pretty great!  I would happily make this again with worsted weight yarn and a smaller hook. Maybe an H or an I hook.  I have plenty of worsted weight yarns in tiny amounts, and the colors could be amazing.  It might take me a little longer to make than this project, but I think that's fine.

Maybe two weekends.

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