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The Perfect Summery Banner for a Balcony

Remember how much I enjoyed crocheting Square #49 from 99 Granny Squares to CrochetBecause I sure do!  I loved the off-white center and how great it looked with the bright contrast color.  I loved the extra lines created by the front post treble crochet stitches.  I loved how the dark blue border tied everything together. 

I loved so many things about these squares that I made some more!  And then I made a banner!

I really enjoy banners.  If we're being honest (and I usually am, for better or worse), I should go ahead and admit that I probably enjoy banners a little more than a person should.  But I'm a crafter, so we'll pretend that's a good enough reason to make more!  Turning granny squares into banners is probably my favorite things to do with them.  I thought these bright, clean-looking squares would look fun and festive on our apartment's balcony.  So that's where they are now!  I finally potted some more plants and rearranged a few things out there to get ready for summer, and adding the banner felt like the happiest possible finishing touch.

The squares themselves were made with worsted weight cotton yarn and an H hook.  There are no required weights or hook sizes in 99 Granny Squares to Crochet, so you can make your squares are large or as small as you like with whatever materials you like.  I chained fifty stitches for the ties, and there are seven stitches between each square.  I just used single crochet stitches across the tops, and used the same dark blue yarn as I did for the border.


I kind of wish I had made more squares, but I didn't want to repeat any colors, and these were all the solid cotton yarn colors I had.  Oh well.   I'll take it down if it starts to look a little dingy.  It's wonderful for now, and a trip through the washing machine shouldn't hurt it if it comes to that.  This will be fun while it lasts, though.

And that's more than enough for me.

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