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Weekly Dishcloth: Around the Block and Back Again

I made the Around the Block dishcloth from Dishcloths!  It's easy to modify this for seasonal colors!  You might remember that I made this dishcloth once before in red, green, and ecru for Christmas.

You probably don't remember that.  Or I kind of hope you don't.  Your brain is so amazing and does so much complicated work.  I would feel weird if you were using your finite memory to think about dishcloths.  Anyway!

I enjoyed making that dishcloth and I loved how it looked.  I mean, I loved it so much that I kept it.  Most of my dishcloths are given away as gifts.  But every now and then, a rare dishcloth will come along and I'll just have to keep it.  The Around the Block pattern is such a dishcloth pattern.  I love how it looks!  The whole thing is made up of chaining one and single crocheting into the spaces.  Sort of.  The pattern is easy to follow and I love how the stitches form weird lines.

I used red, white, and blue because I'm just in that kind of mood this week.

I even used a G hook instead of my regular H hook because THIS one is red.

Summer is here, this looks like the kind of dishcloth you'd throw down to use as an impromptu hot pad for your apple pie.  Seriously, if I don't wind up giving this to someone as a hosting present when I attend a barbecue I'm going to doubt myself as an American crafter forever.  This is just too perfect.  I'm incredibly pleased with how it turned out.


If I had to make this again, each color pattern would have two rows of blue and just one row of red.  I just like the way that looks better.  And I went ahead and worked the last round in white as normal instead following the border instructions.  Then I used the blue yarn (Sugar n' Cream Denim) to work another row as normal.  The border didn't look as striking as I'd hoped with another color, and I thought the stitch pattern looked good enough to crochet just one more time.

One more row wouldn't hurt a dishcloth that already incredibly huge.  Because, whoa.  This is incredibly huge.  The finished size is already intended to be around 10 1/4" square, and my finished object is a tiny bit larger than that.
A 4" x  4" measuring grid.

I think this might be an almost perfect pattern.  It's pretty, it's textured, and it's large.  It folds up into a nice size if you really need to scrub something.  It's sturdy as all get-out, and you can play around with any three colors you want!  I love this dishcloth.  I'm not sure how much that last sentence means when it's coming from me, because I love dishcloths a lot, but I do love this one especially a lot. 

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