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5 Ways to Spark Creativity

Note from Jen: Hi!  Marie the social media intern is going to start posting on the weekends. Today is her first post!  I'm super excited to have her voice on the blog.  Enjoy!


We’ve all been there. You have amazing crafting skills! But, there you sit with either so many ideas you don’t know where to begin, or you have no ideas. The operator in your brain that accesses all your ideas is on vacation.

For me, the problem is I can get a little multi-task-happy when I’m working. For example, right now I’m working on this blog post, watching Netflix, occasionally picking up a crochet project in my lap, playing Jelly Splash on my phone, and watching my cat to make sure she doesn’t get at the cereal I’m having for dinner (it’s the weekend—why not?).  

Did you...
...think I was...


I need some help to funnel my creativity and make sure it doesn’t get away from me when I need it.

I looked all over Pinterest for some advice and I came across all kinds of lists on how to be creative. After picking up on a few themes, I made my own “5 Ways to Spark Creativity” list.

1. Be Positive: If my research taught me anything it’s that this is a very common problem. Getting a perfect idea is the best kind of feeling! It just might take some time to come by. Don’t worry. The world is full of inspiration. I saw tips like: people watch, spend time with children, spend time with a friend, take a hike through nature. 

"You can't use up creativity the more you use,the more you have” 
Maya Angelou

2. Be ok with mistakes: You never know what you do until you try, and you can’t really try without being ok with messing up. For example: entrelac knitting

    I Can't Believe I'm Entrelac Knitting   
It’s daunting. I know my first attempt will be less then impressive. However, once you get through the first attempt you’re home free! Be nice to yourself when you are trying new things, then you will be so much more willing to take on the next skill! I saw tips like: be nice to yourself, try something new, be open-minded. 

3. Pay attention: Get attentive to your thoughts, and help yourself think through them. I saw tips like: Take a notebook everywhere, write down your ideas, brainstorm on a chalk board (or white board—I say chalk board because if you're really crafty it’s likely that you have painted something in your home with chalk board paint), notice the small things in life. 

Brainstorming is great for problem-solving and project-starting! Sometimes I also take time to write down the ideas that will definitely not work. That way my “no way” filter in my brain doesn’t accidentally filter out any good ideas. It also helps you laugh at yourself! Which is fun, because—lets take a moment to appreciate, you’re hilarious.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” 

– Albert Einstein

4. Change something: This is the most practical thing to do to spark creativity.  Change your surroundings, yourself, your mood, your environment, your mentality. I saw tips like: spend time with someone, turn off screens, clean a corner of your house, take a shower, de-stress, go for a walk outside, play music.

5. Identify the “box” you need to think outside of: I came up with this one on my own, so bear with me. If you are problem-solving make sure you understand the problem or why the thing isn’t working. If you are project-starting, take time to identify: what you have to work with, what you want to accomplish, what attributes does this craft need to accomplish said accomplishment, and how much time do you have. 

Sometimes, when I’m project-starting, it’s even helpful for me to make the box. For example, when starting a knitting project I say something like: “I’m only using these colors” -or-  “I’m definitely making a hat”

So, there you have it. 5 ways to find some creative inspiration. 

Thanks for reading!  

Stay crafty!


One thought on “5 Ways to Spark Creativity”

  • Bailey

    Sometimes I try something small. It tends not to end up as a unfinished WIP and it does help me to work through what I want to be working on while still completing something with my restless time.

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