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Happy Scrappy Adventures in Afhgan-Making

I'm crocheting the cover pattern from Learn to Crochet Circles into Squares!  When I first saw the Afghan pattern, I thought I didn't have enough yarn to make so many circles using so many different colors.

But this weekend, I was looking at my spare scraps of yarn and realized.....I totally did.  Awesome!


It's so much more fun for me to start something than to do pretty much anything else.  Seriously.  I have a big problem with startitis, so maybe take my words with a grain of salt but I just think jumping headfirst into a project is one of the best feelings ever--even if you have a bunch of other WIPs piling up around you.  Actually, jumping headfirst into a new project might even feel better when you have a bunch of other WIPs piling up around you.

You can start fresh!  Everything will be different this time!  The pattern holds such promise!  Your stash has yet to let you down!  Anything is possible and we could be heroes just for one day!  I may be stretching just a bit, but I'm really just saying that to sound sane and humble.  Because really, that is what the inside of my head is like nearly every time I start a new project.  Why would I keep myself from feeling that joy just because I currently have five or six WIPs staring at me in judgement?  Heck, they can't stare at me if I shove them into bags and put them away.  Onward and upward with new projects! 

I think that's my favorite part anyway.  Just doing what I want.  There are no crafting police.  No responsible adults frowning and reminding me that I might want to free up some needles and finish a few projects before trying anything else.  I am the adult!  (God help us all.)  I can start or stop a project at any time! 

Plus, I've wanted to try this afghan for a while.  I've enjoyed the other projects I've crocheted from Learn to Crochet Circles into Squares, and I love the circle within a square motif.  It reminds me of modern art and playfully cheerful children's storybook illustrations.  I just like circles. 

And this has all the colors of the rainbow! 

I should mention that I realize I've only crocheted the circle part of these circle-within-a-square squares.  I am currently still internally debating whether to use brown yarn or purple.  I honestly may finish up a few baby afghans that I've neglected lately and then see which color I have more of.  Because I think either one would look great--the brown is your standard Crayola chocolate brown and the purple is a dark plum that would bring out the bright colors without being too dark to work with.  Either one is a winner and I think this is going to be beautiful.  The finished product is supposed to be a nice throw size and I'm not sure how many blankets my couch needs, but I'm excited about this one anyway. 

Now that I'm nearly finished with the circles, I'll probably let them marinade while I finish up other projects and think about brown versus purple yarn for the rest of the afghan.  I'm going to travel a little for the weekend and I'll be able to finish up some projects anyway.  Now that I have this little bit of startitis out of my system--the only real cure is to go ahead and start yet another thing!--I can focus a bit more on other WIPs.


I'm really excited to have gotten such a good start on this one, though.  I have a good feeling.

2 thoughts on “Happy Scrappy Adventures in Afhgan-Making”

  • Bailey

    I have the start fresh issue, too. Thankfully I also know I don't like sewing or hooking stuff together so I tend to avoid the motifs that will never end up as a finished project.

    • Jen

      I am not great at getting around to seaming things. Good for you for sticking with one-piece projects. This may not end well, but I can't help myself!

      • Emeline

        OMG... this blog is so brilliant on so many levels. THANKS for showing us that fun and joy of life doe9&n#3s;t stop just because we all get older.Love this blog! Amazing ladies and so much to learn from them :)

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