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Knitting the Green Bib from Knit in a Day for Baby

I went to see my sister and nephew last week, so I had to come bearing gifts.  Since my favorite little guy is starting to try out solids (right now he mostly just smears them on himself, but you know how it is), I thought the Green Bib pattern from Knit in a Day for Baby would be a great gift to bear.

And actually, I didn't have to come bearing gifts but like I said.  Favorite little guy.  Plus, this bib is adorable.

I love garter stitch, I love working with any nonwool yarn in the summer, and I love my nephew.  I was excited to see this all finished, but I enjoyed working on it too!  It took a couple of hours and I was pretty tickled with the results.  The pattern calls for light green yarn and ecru yarn, but my little girl has been very excited about dinosaurs lately.  So I used some pretty bright greens for this.

I considered using a contrast color for the button for maybe half a second before I thought "Nope, make that green too."  So I did.

And I think even the back looks nice!

Since there's not a lot of rows between color changes, you just carry your yarn loosely and pick it up when it's time to use it again.  I had thought I might want to crochet around the finished bib to cover the floaty bits up, but then I decided it was fine.

You probably noticed that this bib is not being modeled by a baby, and is actually just lying flat on my sister's table.  This is because 1) my nephew was too busy putting things and his mouth and being a tiny bit sleepy from skipping a nap to take pictures and 2) this bib will probably never be worn by my nephew.  My sister, bless her heart, will wear just about anything I make her.  She made a point to text me pictures of her little baby boy wearing the hats I made him this winter.  But things that are made for no other reason to get dirty?  She just can't do it.  Dishcloths I've made her are sometimes put out for display, or shoved away in the back of a drawer.  I even found the other bib I knit for her last fall tucked away with my nephew's winter hats!

I have to admit, I got ridiculously accusatory and actually uttered the words "I bet you never even put this on him!" to my sister.  She could assure it's not even the dumbest thing I've gotten ridiculous over, but still.  I appreciate that she didn't want to stain up something that took me time and effort to make, but come on!  I picked colors that wouldn't show too many stains, and I can tell that these bibs could soak up a lot of food and drool and whatever else it is babies get covered in when they try to feed themselves.  I think it's sweet that she appreciates the things that I make, even if it means she doesn't get use out of them.  But I promise you, these bibs are fine for everyday use.  Promise!  It's like a really great dishcloth around a baby's neck, catching up everything and ready for more!

I'm writing this to convince my sister just as much as I'm writing it to convince you.

4 thoughts on “Knitting the Green Bib from Knit in a Day for Baby”

  • Sherry

    I too have the same problem. When I make something that is utilitarian I expect it to be used and I tell the giftee this also. It's like it goes in one ear and right out the the without anyone it registering. They still won't use it though so gifts remain inside the back of a drawer

    • Jen

      I really shouldn't tease my sister so much--she wears scarves and cowls and hats faithfully and has put a lot of my nephews handmade baby clothes to good use. But there's something about making something specifically so that it will get dirty that just freaks some people (like both of my sisters) completely out. Still, I keep giving them these things because they're so appreciative, ha!

  • Rob O'Neill

    That's so sweet of you. Your nephew will surely look adorable with this bib that you made for him. He is so lucky because he has a very loving and creative Aunt like you. Good job!

    • Jen

      Thank you! My sister sent me a picture of my nephew wearing it a few days ago and mentioned that she might sew a larger button on it--apparently the smaller button makes it easier for him for pull it off! He likes to look at it, which I think is flattering.

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