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So Many Babies. So Many Projects.

I've started knitting the Basket Weave pattern from Car Seat Blankets and I think it's going really well!

I know, I know.  I normally don't start posting about a pattern when I'm a meager ten rows into the thing, but that's where I am with this pattern.  And really, this post is mostly to tell you that I've decided this week is Baby Week.  I know I tend to post a lot about baby patterns anyway, but would you believe I was actually pacing myself with one or two projects a week?  You just have to trust me when I say that I have totally shown restraint with these baby posts.  But I know a lot of people with a lot of babies in their lives and while I was attempting to make things that weren't for babies, a couple of babies went ahead and were born without my permission. 

Babies do not care about schedules.

So now neither do I!  Every project I post about for this whole week is going to be baby-related!  If you're not a big baby gift knitter or crocheter, drop back by some time next week.  Seriously, I may still be going.  My gift plan lately has been to give co-workers a blanket.  Friends of friends get a blanket and a little accessory like a hat or a pair of booties.  If my math is right (and it usually isn't), I need to make three blankets and four (?) accessories. 

The granny square I made last Wednesday?

I need to decide if I can make it into a blanket by Saturday's baby shower.

And the half-finished purple blanket that I need to make a decision about regarding border colors?


I'm going to make, well, some kind of decision about it.

There are so many patterns!  So many yarn choices!  So many babies!

So I'm going to work on the Basket Weave Blanket for right now.  I love a good basket weave pattern, and this is for a friend whose nephew was born earlier in the month.  I had already crocheted a Star Wars-inspired hat for this friend's nephew, and I was just starting to think about a blanket to make when the baby showed up a bit early! 

It was all downhill from there.  From a crafting perspective, I mean.  And I like the colors I've picked out!


I think this will come in pretty handy in a few months, and I think the bright colors will be a wonderful distraction for a little traveling baby.   Car seat blankets are fairly small, so finishing this up shouldn't take long.  I think it's a great way to kick off my Great Big Project of finishing up all these small projects for small people.  Happy Baby Week!

Wish me luck.

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